{Merry GRINCHmas // 2020}

 I'm sure it goes without saying {this is 2020 afterall}, but our trip to visit the Grinch's Lair looked a little different this year. We had to purchase tickets in advance as they were only letting so many people in at a time. We had 11 in our group so we were basically in there by ourselves. They checked our temperatures at the door and everyone had to wear masks. Also, the Grinch stayed stationary this year instead of running around the lair. Even with this, we had a great time visiting our favorite Grinch's Lair. 

We have been visiting the Grinch for quite some time and have grown a sweet little friendship with the owner! It was so good to see Sonia again and be back in a favorite familiar place. And if you recall, Mason got to be a character at the lair last year. We just love this place so much! 

This year was the first year Nate's brother's family visited the Grinch's Lair with us. We were so excited for Carson and Cooper to experience the fun!! 

We already can't wait to visit next year!

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