{Nathan's new truck!!}

 We finally broke down and bought Nate a new truck. He's been needing one for quite a while, but we wanted to take our time and do our research on what we truly wanted. We knew that we needed something that would be able to tow our Jeeps, was a diesel, was roomy and comfortable for travelling. We finally settled on the 2020 Ram 2500. 

It has all the things we were looking for, plus some!! I'm so happy for Nathan. He's been driving a 2006 Ford F150 with over 265k miles on it. And I'm happy for my Jeep as it now gets to rest a bit. haha. 

Also, this couldn't have come at a better time!! An early Christmas gift AND birthday gift. Today is Nate's birthday!!! 

Funny story about this ^ photo! Nate had an older salesman and he told Nate, "We are going to get you an EPIC picture of you with your new truck!!" And then he proceeded to tell him how to stand, where to put his foot, how to turn his head, how to put his hand in his pocket, etc. Nate just did everything he was told. I couldn't stop laughing. 

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