{Tennessee - Reelfoot Lake, Trimble TN, and the Lights at Discovery Park of America}

 On one of our days in Tennessee, we spent time exploring the area. Visiting Reelfoot lake was always a staple for us when in the area, so we had to introduce the newest members of our family to it. They have a nature center, a boardwalk, a gift shop, etc. We used to love coming here as kids! 

Then we went to check out a Moonshine Distillery in Trimble, TN. It's owned by a guy that my dad played basketball with way back in the day. I'm so glad we went there because this town was the cutest! There was a photo opp on every corner. 

That evening we went to a drive-through Christmas light exhibit at a museum in town! It was short, but also really sweet! Our nephew rode with us in the Jeep and I bought them some fun glasses that turned the lights into Christmas shapes (Santa and a Christmas tree). They had a blast and there were many "ooohhhs and ahhhhs". 

We capped off the evening with dinner with more family! It was a great day in Tennessee!! 

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