{Nashville Nights and Memphis Mornings}

My Grandparents live only a couple of hours from Nashville so Nate, Mason, and I made the trek over for an evening! I've been to Nashville many times, but Nate and Mase had never been. I'm so glad we made the drive over because we had the most amazing time!! 

It was a really pretty drive from Union City to Nashville. You could start to feel the climb as you got closer to the mountains! It made my heart so giddy. I was so excited to share Nashville with my boys!

We got into the city just before sunset. I loved the way the sunset reflected off the buildings. We didn't really have a plan in mind, we just wanted to explore.

We drove through downtown Nashville and then made our way over to the Grand Ole Opry! We walked around the outside, went partly in, and then visited the gift shop. We were able to do some Christmas shopping there! 

Then we went to check out a few museums and shops. 

We tried to go to the Bluebird, but it was closed for some reason. Womp. Womp. 

We spotted a Shake Shack across the street and we were starving, so we ate there. It was amazing! Mason got a holiday shake and has been talking about it since.

Then we went back downtown to find the famous wings mural! I couldn't leave Nashville without seeing it. So amazing! 

I love Nashville so much and can't wait to go back!

The next morning we detoured just a little bit and went through Memphis. I wanted Nate and Mason to see Graceland. It was super early and nothing was opened, but we got to see it! Like Nashville, I've been here a ton of times but my boys have never seen it! It was hard to get a good picture because there was so much in the way. 

✌️ until next time, Tennessee!! 

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