Here we are at week 8 of this whole quarantine thing! More businesses around Texas are starting to open this week such as hair and nail salons. And then there will be another wave around the 15th, I believe. Nothing is really going to change for us! I'm just hoping and praying that we can go on our annual Memorial Day weekend trip to Mason, TX. This is one of my favorite weekends out of the year and we will all be so bummed if it gets canceled. Anyhow, here's a look at our week.

Monday, May 4th:

I spent some time outside before work. We've been working so hard on the outdoor area of our house and I love it so.

I worked a double and it was incredibly busy! My coworker was out so I had to cover for her. Business is definitely picking back up! Any time Mason and I needed a "brain break" we went out to soak up some vitamin D.

After work, I redid my nails. I bought a dip powder kit and have been doing them myself. I even did my mother-in-laws for her. Over the weekend I kept forgetting to put on gloves and got some sealant and stain on my nails. So, they needed a fresh set. I'm getting a lot better at this and so excited I can do this at home.

When Nate got home we were going to go for a backroad drive, but it was way too windy. So, we just surprised Mason with supper from one of our local favorites; Farmluck Soda Fountain. We've tried our best to support our local businesses during this quarantine.

Tuesday, May 5th:

I worked another double and I think it was even worse than Monday! Our systems were down, emails weren't coming through, things were disappearing from our system, orders were crashing, etc. It was a mess for a while! Sometime before lunch, my mother-in-law texted me and my sister-in-law to see if we had anything planned for Cinco De Mayo. So we all decided to have a fiesta. We got street tacos and had all kinds of sides. And, margaritas! We ate, hung out, and played Head's Up. It was a blast!

Wednesday, May 6th:

My coworker was back! Hallelujah! I could breathe a little easier and get up to go to the restroom right when I needed to. ha! I cooked supper and then we had to run out to get Mason a new Xbox controller. We grabbed ice cream at Sonic on the way back. That evening we hung out by the fire. It was such a beautiful sunset.

Thursday, May 7th:

Nate's mom watched our nephew Carson for a bit and they came over to jump on the trampoline! Then they wanted to fill the water trough to "swim" in. So, we did just that!

Nathan came home a bit early on Thursday so we were able to make supper together! We made queso burgers with sweet potato tots.

Friday, May 8th:

I worked, Nate was off. In between work I just piddled around outside. The weekend before I had bought some succulents at Atwood's. But, as I was loading them in the Jeep a huge gust of wind came and knocked them over. They broke into so many different pieces. I tried to fix them as best as I could, but they were still looking pretty sad. So, I picked up a few smaller succulents to spruce them up a bit. The first couple of pictures are the before pics.

After work, we ran to Home Depot to get some things for a couple of new projects! I love it. I will share about that later.

That evening we worked on the first stage of our project. We had to pour some concrete, so we let that dry all throughout the evening into the next morning.

Saturday, May 9th:

We got up pretty early to get some of our projects done. My brother and his family were coming to my parent's house and we wanted to go visit. But, we needed to get our project done first.

We got to my parent's house around 12:30 pm. We stayed for an hour and then had to leave for a Jeep event. Mason wanted to stay there and play with his cousins. It was so good to see everyone! Our niece is getting so big!

The Jeep meet was just 23 minutes from my parent's house in a little town called Alvarado, TX. We all met at a BBQ restaurant and it was delicious! Some really good BBQ. It was so great to actually be at a Jeep event and to see some of our best friends.

After the meet, I dropped off Nate at his brother's house to help him with the flower beds. He lives only a few miles from my parent's house. I went back over there to visit some more. The kids (and my brother) were having such a blast playing together.

That evening Mason spent the night with all his cousins at my parent's house. Nate and I went home and had a late picnic supper.

Sunday, May 10th:

That morning I had to get my groceries at 8:30 am. I ran to Walmart before so that I could grab some potting soil and some plants. We had to use some concrete to hold up a post and I didn't like the exposed concrete look. So we put it in a tub I had and then I planted some really pretty ground cover on top. This ground cover said it was great for rocks and stone. So, perfect. I just need to get a couple more.

We went to visit my mom for Mother's Day and took her a gift. I failed to take any pictures. Womp. Womp. Mom left after a bit to go to the cemetery with her sisters. We grabbed Mason and went to get lunch. On our way home from grabbing lunch, Nate's mom called and said she had a snake in her chicken coop and needed some help! Nate was all about that. We drove the Jeep to the back of our property where it meets ours. You best believe I stayed in the Jeep! I don't do snakes of any kind, size, dead or alive. After 10 or so minutes he finally got it out of the coop.

Gross, right?

Then we went home and had a picnic lunch. But, not before I grabbed some pictures of Mason and me for Mother's Day. Oh, and don't worry...Nate thoroughly washed his hands. haha

I guess it was too bright for Nathan! ha.

After lunch, Nate mowed and I piddled outside some more. I watered my flowers, pulled some weeds, made hummingbird feed, etc. Mason played on his Polaris.

Then it was time to go to Nate's parents for Mother's Day supper. They put up the pool so Mason jumped in! I don't know how he did it...the water was pretty cold. We ate some burgers and dogs and played a few fun rounds of Head's Up.

We tried to get some pictures of Nana with her boys...but they were all but interested! Life with boys!

And that's a wrap on week # 8 of quarantine! I haven't decided if I will continue these weekly posts or not. Almost everything is opened up around here and life seems to be pretty normal. It won't be as busy and crazy as it normally is for us, but I can see us starting to do a little more. Like Jeep meets and such. We are trying to get our summer vacation planned, but not really sure that's going to happen. We'll see! One day at a time, right?

Are things back to normal where you live?

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