I left a tiny hint of our third home project in the last picture of the Picnic Table Project. :) We re-did our firepit. We've actually had it for years, but just recently started using it. We needed to re-level the ground and then we wanted to add another row of stones.

Only, our Home Depot was out of the stones that we needed. Luckily for us, our neighbors were building the same firepit and found the stones at a Home Depot about an hour away. They grabbed us the 16 we needed. Or thought we needed. We ended up being 1 short and our neighbors were 5 short on theirs. Rachael went on a wild goose chase and found us the stones we needed after going to 3-4 stores! Whoop whoop!

I went to Atwoods and grabbed 4 turquoise Adirondack chairs to go around the firepit. I think it looks so cute! We have been enjoying fires several times a week. It's been the best way to wind down at night. And it's so relaxing! I love it.

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