{Naming the Good Stuff // Quarantine 2020}

Recently I was thinking about the quarantine and reflecting on all of the good that has come from this. While its a scary time and the future is unknown, there really have been many blessings come from this slower-paced lifestyle. I started writing those blessings down and wanted to share them here.

  • Mason has slept with us almost every single night since the quarantine has started. I'm okay with this! He has a curfew and then he quietly comes into our room and goes to sleep at that time. If it calms his precious little heart and makes him feel better, then I am all for it. It sure calms my anxious soul to have him next to me.
  • We are cooking more at home and eating out less. This is good for both the budget and the britches! 
  • Our church is putting out videos almost daily to help us stay connected! They are also putting out so many resources to help families during this time. While I miss our church something fierce, I have loved watching all of the videos. I love our church!
  • Daily phone calls with NeNaw (Nate's Grandmother). She's quarantined to her apartment at her assisted living facility. We miss her so much! It's good to hear her voice and to stay connected with her. I can't wait to give her a big hug.
  • No rush to be anywhere! 
  • More quality family time at home. We are rarely at home on the weekends so this time has been nice. We are usually going and doing every single weekend so this is rare. I'm glad we love our home. I couldn't imagine being stuck somewhere you don't enjoy right now. 
  • Working on and actually completing home projects! We have been tackling things that we have talked about for years. It feels so good to finally get them done. 
  • Less miles (and wear and tear) on the Jeep! The only time we really ever drive it is to pick up an online grocery order, grab a treat from Sonic, or go drive the backroads. We are also getting about 3 - 3 1/2 weeks on a single tank of gas! This is unheard of in the Jeep. Normally we can go 4 days (on a good week) on a tank of gas. 
  • Gas is so incredibly cheap right now! The normal average is about $1.34 per gallon, but some of our stations have it for $1.24 per gallon. So wild. 
  • I get to have my boy home with me every single day! 
  • We are getting a small taste of what homeschool life would be like. We were already considering this route for the next school year, so this is like an introduction of some sorts. A really wild and messy introductory! 
  • My camera roll is full of sweet moments capture RIGHT HERE AT HOME!! Don't get me wrong...I love traveling and taking pictures on the go...but I am loving capturing precious moments here at our home. 
  • Simple things like hummingbirds on my feeders, wildflowers blooming everywhere, planting succulents, and the most gorgeous sunsets. God paints the most incredible skies always, but I think he's made them extra special the last 8 weeks. They leave me speechless.
  • I found a new skincare routine. This sounds so silly. But, when you have nothing but time you find little things to do. I watched some Tik Toks and found some new products to try. My skin is thanking me. 
  • Spending more time in the great outdoors! We've burned fires in our fire pits, rode side by sides out in the pasture, jumped on the trampoline, washed the Jeep as a family, played in the water, planted flowers, fished at our lake, worked on flowerbeds, releveled our firepit and added another row of stone, worked on some other outdoor projects, cleared out the back 40 with a Bobcat, etc. 
  • Binge watching shows on Netflix that we probably would have never watched before!
  • Working on Jeep installs together in the shop! We crank up some music and just enjoy each other's company.
  • Going for sunset cruises with the top back on the Jeep! These are so good for the soul! 

What is some of the good stuff for you this quarantine?

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