{Currently // March 2020}

Happy Wednesday! I haven't had much time to blog lately but wanted to join in with Anne in Residence for the Currently series. I always enjoy this one so much. Today we are sharing what we are currently fixing, hearing, borrowing, feeling, recommending.

fixing: a good ol' comfort meal (tater tot casserole) on this rainy and cold day! Nate is going to be so excited as it is one of his favorites. I'm also fixing up a couple of photo folders on my external hard drive to make it easier to find things. ;) 

hearing: I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos while I work lately! Some of my favorite channels are; The Smiths, Epic Family Road Trip, Off the Ranch, Life on Back Forty, and Lite Brite. What are some of your favorite channels?

borrowing: Hmm, I don't think I am really borrowing anything right now. 

feeling: mostly headaches lately. The weather has been crappy lately and there has been so much wind! I am OVER IT! 

recommending: the YouTube channels I listed above. Plus ours, of course; Jeep Around Texas. I also recommend not getting so far behind on the blog! ha. At this point I don't even know where to start!! One day...

The next currently post - Wednesday, April 1, for: sharingwritingwishinginvestigating, and buying.

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