{This thing is legendary!! // FWSSR // 2020}

Family traditions are my jam! And the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is one of my favorite family traditions!! Every year 15-20+ of us get tickets together and it's an amazing time. This year we got to see the new Dickie's Arena and we were all so eager and anxious to do so!
The last several years we have been taking the Rodeo Redline from the Billy Bob's area to the rodeo. It's only $5 per vehicle and they literally drop you off right at the gate. Mason loves it because it happens to be the gate right at the Midway! So, he gets to ride rides right off the bat! 

Next we went through the shopping section! I was on the hunt for a Charlie Horse hat! They are so highly sought after here and everyone sells out of them quick! I finally found one and fell in love with it. 

Then it was time to head to the new arena!! It's a bit of a walk from what we are used to, but man was it awesome!!! 

Our thoughts on the new arena? We loved that once you were inside it felt like the old arena...just with new amenities! It was so nice. We enjoyed the rodeo and even got to see the Clydesdales!! 

And for the video:

Until next year, FWSSR! 

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