{Dirty Acres Grille Inserts}

Some really great friends of ours run an awesome business called Dirty Acres in which they make custom grille inserts! They recently reached out to Nate and I and asked if we'd like to be ambassadors for them! We couldn't say yes quick enough! And, they wanted to sponsor both Jeeps. How awesome is that??

Nathan chose a really awesome Indian in a headdress design for his grille insert. The CJ's name is Chief and has the colors found in an Indian headdress. Dawn hit the nail on the head with this one. It's so awesome and the colors match perfectly!

With this new ambassadorship program, it gave me a chance to change up my Jeep a bit! If you know me, then you know that the mountains are my most favorite place in the entire world. Nate found a really neat mountain design and I was in love. This opened a whole can of worms because it also gave me an opportunity to change my Jeep's name. I changed it to "Rocky" for both the rocky mountains and for rock climbing! I was so excited about this change, but a little apprehensive as well. Change can make me anxious, even something as simple as this. After I sent Dawn my changes I got on Facebook and the 3rd or so post I came to was this.

Faith can move mountains. 
Matthew 17:20

And it was then and there I knew that it was perfect!!

Nathan and I are both so incredibly happy with the way our inserts came out. And we are so honored to run these products on our Jeeps!

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