{Unlimited Off-Road Show 2020 // Midlothian, TX}

Back on February 29th, we attended one of our favorite yearly events; the UOR show. For the past several years this event has taken place at the Texas Motor Speedway, but this year it was practically in our backyard! They moved it to an off-road park in Midlothian, TX...just twenty minutes from us! We were so excited to have this event so close.

Because the event was so close to us we were able to take both Jeeps! This is probably the furthest Nate has driven the CJ since we got it back. It's normally trailered when we take it places. But, all was well and it did great. It was so fun to be able to take both Jeeps.

The event itself was a lot smaller than years before, but I think it was much better! The location was perfect and it was just all-around a more fun event. One of our really good friends, Keri, got to park her Jeep in one of the booths. We were so excited for her!! We got to see so many of our favorite Jeep people, shop the booths, eat some amazing lunch, and go on a couple of obstacles.

I am so glad we were able to get this event in before the Corona virus hit. So many other Jeep events have already been cancelled. While I understand, I have to admit I am a bit sad.

Here's the video from the event...

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