{Easter // 2018}

Easter has easily become one of my favorite holidays. The meaning of the holiday is so important to our family. While we keep our focus on Jesus during the Easter season, we do celebrate with family as well.

Our celebrations actually started the weekend before Easter. Our church, along with two other churches in the area hosts a city-wide Easter event at a park in town. We have a food truck, face painting, bounce houses/slides, and a huge Easter egg hunt of over 12,000 eggs. But, most importantly we have a presentation that shows and shares the Gospel with everyone in attendance. This year Mason was picked to be a part of the presentation.

It was a great event and we had tons of people show up! I hope and pray that seeds were planted and everyone got a true representation of the Gospel and what Easter is truly about.

The week leading up to Easter we did our resurrection eggs and read the Easter story. I also served Mason's after school snacks in a festive way!

(to read more about the resurrection eggs and other ways to keep a Christ-centered Easter, click here)

Our next celebration was the following Saturday at my parent's house. We had all five boys there and they had a blast together. We started with an amazing lunch and then let the kids hide eggs. Mason wasn't up for egg hunting on that day for some reason.

My dad with all of his boys
Easter Sunday we woke up bright and early for sunrise service at the cross on the hill. Mason opened his Easter basket before we left. Since it was so early, the light was less than favorable for pictures. Luckily, I snapped some of his basket days before when I put it together.

After Mason opened his basket and we got ready we headed out for sunrise service. Oh how I love this service! Our church family gathers at the cross on the hill to worship our Risen Savior! It's such an intimate and moving time. We sing a couple of songs acapella and one of our Pastor's delivers an Easter message. After this service, we all went back to the church to have breakfast and fellowship before Sunday school and church services.

After church I made my boys stop for a minute for a family picture. We always fail at getting family pictures on holidays. But, not this time. They're not perfect pictures, but we are together and in the same frame and that's all that matters to me!

We hung out at home for a bit before trekking over to Nate's parent's house to celebrate Easter with that side of our family. It was our baby nephew's first Easter! So sweet and so special. We had a delicious supper, Mason hunted eggs hidden by his Uncle T-Ty and Aunt Michelle, threw confetti eggs at each other, played baseball with confetti eggs, had a silly string fight, and just enjoyed some time together.

Oh, and Mason harvested his 'magic jelly beans'. They grew into the cutest little lollipops!!!

Nathan's Grandmother was there so we each took turns taking pictures with her! We love her so!!

Nathan's mom had Nathan's Grandfather's shirt turned into a teddy bear for Mason and his cousin Carson. At Christmas time she had one of his shirts turned into a pillow for us. Such special gifts! Mason has slept with his bear, that he named Robert after this Great Grandfather, every single night since Easter.

And that's a wrap on our Easter 2018. I know, it took me forever to get this posted. That's just the season of life we are in right now.

How was your Easter?

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