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Joining Anne in Residence for another"currently" post. I really enjoy these prompted currently posts, but I am way late in posting for April. I have so much blogging to catch up on and hope to get it all drafted this week. Anyhow, this month we are sharing what we are currently showering, cultivating, expecting, buying and cooking.

s h o w e r i n g | sweet Lexi with all the love! Yesterday was her first birthday and we showered her with a new collar, leash, treats and toys!! It's safe to say she enjoyed it...

c u l t i v a t i n g  |  Friendships/relationships. We are in such a good place right now and blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives. We have made strong bonds, a family really, with people at church. Those friendships/relationships are so important to us. Not only do we go to church with them, we do life with them. And we have some really great friendships outside of church as well. I love when the whole entire family gets along - the husbands, the wives, and the kids - and you can just hang out and do nothing and it's the best time. We are blessed!

e x p e c t i n g  | A season of busy from now until summer...and probably through summer if I'm being honest. With soccer, starting Tae Kwon Do soon, church, Jeep events and all of the end of the year school activities, it's going to be hectic. But, in the best way. I love being active.

m a k i n g  New shirts for the summer! I have an obsession with making shirts. The last time I went to the vinyl store they had the prettiest rose gold vinyl. I grabbed it, but have yet to use it. I'm waiting until the perfect design comes to mind. Any suggestions? I'm sure it will either end up being scripture based or something Jeep.

b u y i n g  | All the Jeep parts! We are slowly getting The Rooster the way we want it! We just bought new wheels and it made a world of a difference. We liked the stock Rubicon wheels that came on the Jeep, we just didn't like the color. They were more of a dark silver color when all of the other accents were black. This weekend we went to Four Wheel Parts and they had an awesome deal going on, so we came home with 5 new wheels. We love the way it looks so much better! It also made the stance a little wider, which we love.

c o o k i n g  | cooking has taken the back burner (ha) around here lately. We are at that busy season in life where we have sports at least 2 nights a week and church twice a week, then add in Bible study every other Friday and Jeep events and whoa! We try to cook as much as we can, though. I get so tired of eating out!

So tell me, what are you showering, cultivating, expecting, buying and cooking right now?

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