{Soccer // Spring 2018}

Sports! Oh, how I've missed watching Mason play sports. We wrapped up Basketball and jumped straight into soccer! I forgot how much I enjoy watching Mason play soccer. He wanted to play baseball but told us a couple weeks after signups had ended. So, we are doing soccer instead.

We've only had one game and a handful of practices thanks to all of the rain we've had. The first game was pretty fun! We lost, but our kids played well. Most of the kids have never played before. This is Mason's second year to play soccer and he is playing goalie again! He needs a little brushing up on his skills, but has done fairly well. He had a goalie come out and work with him for over an hour at practice the other day and he learned a lot from him.

We are supposed to have a game this Thursday if the weather holds out. I sure hope it does. I'm ready to watch!! Mason is going to tell his coach that he wants to also play the field some. That will be exciting. He said he wants to score some goals!!!

Looking forward to a great season...if the rain ever goes away!

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