{Happy FIRST birthday, Lexi}

Today is a very special day in the Hall household! It's our sweet girl, Lexi's FIRST birthday. Even though we've only had her for a little over 10.5 short months it feels like she has been a part of our family forever. She just fits in so well with us and truly is the sweetest girl. We are so thankful for this precious pup!!

Lexi has the sweetest demeanor and is the best dog. She listens so well and is obedient. She was sitting, laying down, staying, giving kisses on command just a few days after we got her, which was so impressive. We knew she was bound to be extremely smart. And, she is.

We just couldn't imagine our lives without our sweet Lexi girl. She has been the best little companion for all of us. She keeps me company while I'm working, loves to follow and play with Mason and is so in love with her dad! She's the best cuddler and loves us so well. I'm not sure what we did to deserve this darling pup, but I am ever so thankful.


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