{Fun in the Sun Photo Challenge}

My sweet friends Amy and Jess are hosting a Fun in the Sun Photo Challenge for the month of August. In between all of our travels this summer I lost track of posting these on Instagram. So many places we ventured too had zero cell signal. Anyhow, still wanted to participate by posting them to the blog.
1 // Sunshine

2 // Ice Cream

3 // Flip Flops

4 // Vacation

5 // Swing

6 // Favorite

7 // Sidewalk Chalk

8 // Game

You can hardly see it, but this is the ring game, You try to swing the ring into the hook on the wall. So much fun!

9 // Sunglasses

10 // Currently

11 // Bonfire

12 // Water

13 // S'mores

14 // Bathing Suit

15 // Outdoors

Did you participate in this challenge?


  1. Your bonfire pic is AMAZING! Loved all of these, girl!

  2. These photos are friggin' amazing. I can't praise you enough for how amazing your shots are.

  3. Girl, your photos are fabulous! I looove your bonfire photo!

  4. LOVE every single one so much. Wow girl!! You are an amazing photographer. You could seriously sell some of those photos. Thanks for participating. :)

  5. Those flip flops though!!! The colors are amazing. I bombed so bad but I am definitely not in summer mindset anymore, makes me a bit sad.

  6. I love the prompts you have! Awesome pictures as always!

  7. I LOVE photo challenges! Great shots!

  8. I love all your angles... They make each prompt so interesting! But I think my favorite is your favorite too!

  9. You are doing so good with the challenge. I was going strong and totally fell of the band wagon. I just can't seem to complete a challenge :(.

  10. Beautiful pics! Do they host this every month? I would love to do it in September, although I can promise my pictures won't be as great as yours.

  11. Love these! That bonfire shot is especially amazing!

  12. I totally bombed on this photo challenge. But you are nailing this! I love some of the interpretations of taken on each challenge!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!