{The First Day of First Grade}

Despite our best efforts to freeze time and make summer last forever, we couldn't make it happen. Mason went back to school on Monday and begun his First Grade year! I know I said this with Kindergarten, but First Grade just seems so BIG to me. I think it is because he is at a different school this year. A bigger school. His new school houses first through third grade and is enormous.

The night before I let him pick out which color uniform he wanted to wear, which pair of new shoes, made his teacher's gift, made his first grade chalkboard, packed his lunch, and before bed we read several books about first grade.

Mason started getting jittery and excited and wanted to ask a million questions about school instead of going to sleep. It was almost 10 pm before he and I both fell asleep. Monday morning came entirely too fast and it was time to get ready! It was an easy morning for all. Mason got ready with no complaints and even mentioned a few times that he was 'ready' for first grade! Oh, and he didn't complain much with the picture taking! That's a major win right there!!

What wasn't a major win? My camera kept fogging up because we keep it so cold in our house and it was so warm and humid outside!! I had to work as fast as I could because Mason's cooperation with picture taking lasts all of a whole minute or two!

Nathan was able to take off some time from work to go with us on the first day! We both walked Mason in and were able to take him to his classroom. But before we went to the class we saw one of Mason's good buddies and I had to grab a picture of them. They've been friends since they were one and it's been fun to watch them grow together!

Once they opened the gates we walked to Mason's classroom, He gave his teacher her gift and the biggest hug. We hung out for a bit until he was settled and then we were on our way! If Nate hadn't been there I probably would have stayed longer. ha! They would have had to make me leave.

The morning couldn't have gone any better!! And you better believe that I was counting down the minutes until I could go and pick him up.

When his teacher brought him out to me she said, "He's pretty awesome Mama!" I cannot tell you how much that meant to me! I mean, I know it...but it's so great when others see that too.

When he finally got in the car you could tell he was drained. And if they hadn't boycotted naps at the ripe age of 2 I know he would have passed smooth out. He said he had a good day, but beyond that we kind of had to pry out more. As the afternoon/evening progressed he told us more and more. I wrote down most of the things he told us about First Grade...

"Mom, it's way better than Kindergarten, We didn't do all of those things we did in Kindergarten, It was much less work."

"My table was probably the loudest in the class. They all like to talk!" {like he doesn't! ha}

"Mom, Joshua from church {youth Minister} came into my classroom today. He fixes technology for my school."

"My school is so longgggggggg!"

"I feel so sorry for my teacher that she has _______ in our class. He is so much trouble,"

"I'm going to try to be good all year. But I may get into a little trouble. BUT I'm going to try not to Mom."

"A lot of kids were scared of my lunchbox. It was great!"

"Gym was not fun today. It felt like we were in jail. The coach kept yelling and stuff. Juvie, yeah, it felt like Juvie!" {he later told us he was joking}

"It was a little bit longer than Kindergarten. That I didn't like."

"Mom, I missed you and I even said that out loud to everyone. Really I did."

"Mom, I'm just tired. Me and today just didn't get along since I had to wake up so early."

"My teacher reminds me of Nana with no glasses. She's sweet until she has to yell."

"One bathroom is awesome and one bathroom is awful. It's awful because it doesn't have doors around the potties that are on the wall. The urinals, you know?"

"There is a sign in my school that says everyone has a superhero inside of them waiting to be discovered. I have discovered mine already."

I can't wait to pick him up today and maybe find out a little more about First Grade and his new school, teachers, and friends. I think today is the first day they are transitioning to a different class for a couple of subjects. Even though it's just the class next door it blows my mind that they swap classes in first grade. So different than when I was in school!

And for comparison...

Has your kid{s} started back school yet? How did it go?


  1. Oh my goodness. Why does he look so big? The difference between K and 1st grade. STOP! I love the gift for his teacher and how sweet she seems. Lucky Mason!

  2. I am SO happy you recorded all of his thoughts on his first day. Bahah ha! They are HILARIOUS. I just know he is going to have the best year. Praying for another great day friend.

  3. Oh my goodness...that comment about the superhero poster--perfect!! You need to frame that! So glad he had a great first day!

  4. They really grow up so much each year! Sounds like he had a great first day. I was always exhausted on first days (school and when I started a new job) because of all the nerves. I hope you'll link up with our back to school linkup :)

  5. Great first day of school post! I loved reading it. I need to find some of those 1st grade books to read to Simon! When I ask him questions about school, all he says is the same thing over and over again. Like he was saying "hello" to answer everything. So expressive, that one!

  6. I love that you are doing the T-Shirt! So fun to see how much he grows into it over the years!

  7. I love all of this! What a great day! You are such a thoughtful person! I love that you wrote down everything he said! Did he say what his super power is? Like you, I can't believe he has to switch rooms!

  8. I love that shirt idea! So you just used a plain white shirt and then added the words right? I think I want to do this too! :) But we start Kinder on Monday, can I get my act together enough to do that? Hmmm....He's so cute, and we had kinder assessment and it was like pulling teeth trying to get info out of him! Must be a boy thing!

  9. Oh how he has grown!! This is going to be such a fun year watching all our babies flourish and grow into the people we have prayed for them to become.

  10. What is that lunch box? A shark? A bear? A shark bear?

  11. These pictures are all so darling!! He has really matured since his first day last year and he looks about a million times more confident! I love all of the quotes from his first day! He will LOVE that you wrote them down as he gets older! And seriously, I need to remember that Class of tee in a year or two when Brantley starts kindergarten! I hope you're hanging in there during the days. Xoxo!

  12. That chalk board is so fun!!
    It sounds like Mason had a really great first day, and his teacher sounds so awesome.
    I need to remember to do a Class of 2030 tee when Marcus starts grade school next year. That's such a great idea!

  13. I love this tshirt thing but wow the whole class of makes my head spin! Stay young! Never grow up! I'm glad the first day is over for you, I'm dreading ours!

  14. I'm so glad he had such a great first day!!! I LOVE and adore his teacher for telling you that Mason is pretty amazing. Not only is it true but what a sweet comment to tell you and even just on the first day! Sounds like he has a pretty amazing class and teacher. I hope he has a great year!

  15. Oh my gosh, such a cutie!! He looks so excited! Love that idea for the 2028 tshirt. And the missing mom quote and the super hero quotes...he's just the sweetest. Also, this post has me all excited for fall. Even if it is still August ;)

  16. Mason is just the cutest little first grader ever! So glad his first day went well. And I love all the thoughts of his that you jotted down! Great idea to do that!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!