{Thursday Confessions}

Man oh man! Where did this week go? I feel like we have been on the go since before our weekend trip to the Texas Hill Country! We got back and hit the ground running! Its the last week of school  which means; end of the year teacher gifts, Kindergarten promotion assembly, end of the year awards, early releases, etc. It all happened so fast. And now I am so behind on anything. I promise to catch up on blogs soon. But for now, time for Thursday confessions...

...It is 2:15 pm and I am just starting this post. I feel like I have so much I need to get out and need to say and what better time than a Thursday confession?

...On top of the crazy week we've had, I've had a stomach bug. I can't eat anything without feeling super sick afterwards. This has been going on for 3 days now. Yuck!

...I am sick and tired of the rain! I need some sunshine in my life asap. Our property looks like a lake. Diesel is over it too! He does not like going potty on wet grass!

...My co-worker is out on Friday and Monday and I am not looking forward to covering for her. Our clients are SO different and it makes for long draining days. I'm already exhausted.

...I have about 12 posts I need to get drafted. So much has happened in two weeks and I have had no time to blog about it. And lets not even talk about the number of photos I have to edit.

...Because of all of the awards programs and such I got to have more time with my sweet man! He was able to take off work both mornings to attend the assemblies! Yay!

...Speaking of assemblies...Nate's parents came to both as well! They are so supportive of our sweet little guy and I couldn't be more thankful! They pour so much into him and love him so well. That's such an amazing feeling to a parent. Love them something fierce.

...As of 10 am this morning Mason is officially done with Kindergarten and this school year! It's pretty bittersweet, but HELLO summer! I am looking forward to having Mason home with me and for that one on one time that I have missed all year long. We have no restrictions (other than my pretty flexible work schedule) and can go and do as we please! Oh how I have missed that.

...I can sleep until 7:59 am now, if I want. My office is just a few steps away. haha

...Mason and I are already in our pajamas! haha! Nate is going to give us a hard time when he gets home, i just know it. But, in our defense, we got soaking wet in the rain while going to pick up our lunch from McCallister's this afternoon. We wanted to get cozy and warm.

...All three of us are addicted to McCallister's. They have the best salads.

...I totally bribed Mason yesterday! I needed to get my nails done so bad. So, I told him that if he went with me and was good that I would take him to Five Below after for a small prize. Usually its hit or miss with things there, but I found a 36x60 handwoven rug. Y'all this thing is awesome and is made with such great quality. I am pretty stoked over a $5 rug.

...Ever since Meghan mentioned this song I have been obsessed with it!

I will stop here because I feel like I am rambling. Hope your week is a little less crazy than ours!


  1. Oh man, all of us had the stomach flu last weekend and it was awful! I'm still feeling a bit tired and yucky from it. Hope you all are feeling much better. Congrats to Mason on finishing (and rocking!) school this year!

  2. Busy week! Happy Summer to you and your family!

  3. Thanks for linking up. Sounds like you have been a crazy busy lately. I was sick a couple of weeks ago and it really sucks. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. Boo for the stomach bug! It's the worst when you can't shake those things.
    But, YAY for school being out and summer beginning! Marcus graduated from preschool today and it's all a little surreal.
    And, slipping in to warm, cozy jammies after being in the rain sounds like perfection to me!

  5. You are just getting pummeled with all the sicknesses, feel better soon! I bet a nice vacation will cure you :) Yay for summer! I just picked up the last papers for Kinder registration today and I could already feel the emotions creep in.

  6. Yay Mason! Way to finish Kindergarten with a bang. I'm so sorry you are sick. That just stinks. Being able to sleep in is always a good thing. Umm...bribery is just part of parenting I think. ;)

  7. I am in pajamas every day when James gets home from work. Maybe 1-2 times a week (Mon-Fri) I'm not but usually, I'm comfy cozy in my pjs.

  8. Oh friend. I am so sorry you've been sick. But hooray for summer break. I hope today goes better than you expected it too. Also I KNOW. SO over the rain... it just isn't any fun :(.

  9. We had that crazy week last week! This week I've been sleeping late and getting dressed late and it's been nice!

  10. Hope you're feeling better! Stomach bugs are the worst. What a great parent feeling to see your kid getting awarded at school. Congrats to Mason! Sounds like kindergarten was a good year for him :)

  11. Sorry to hear about your stomach bug! I'm so behind on blog reading that I really hope this is old news now! And glad I could help you out musically ;)


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