{Five on Friday // Swim Lessons // New Jam // Beards // an announcement}

Happy Friday friends!! I don't know about y'all, but I am ready for the weekend. I can't get enough of these sweet, sweet summer weekends. They simply are the best! Tonight we are going to our pastor's farm for wine tasting and an art exhibit {benefit for a member of the church}. Saturday we have some really good friends coming in from Houston to visit. Brittany and I actually met through Instagram {years ago} and have become the best of friends. She is so dear to me. You may remember Brittany from the adults only trip we took to the beach together.  And Sunday is church and church camp. Brittany's sweet family is joining us for church on Sunday morning and I couldn't be more excited. And of course, we like to see what adventures we can come up with in between.

 But first, time for Five on Friday...

{O N E} // Posts from this week, in case you missed them. I actually have more this week because I blogged on Saturday and Sunday for once! It's been a while since I have blogged on a weekend.

{T W O} // Mason had his refresher swim lessons this week. Due to a double booking we had to change his lesson time and I was only able to go to one of his sessions {major bummer}.  My mother in law so graciously took him on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. She couldn't take him on Tuesday because she had another appointment, so I took off an hour early to take him. I was so anxious because he came home on Monday so excited and so proud of himself. He couldn't wait to show me what he does in lessons! He did so good and even jumped off the diving board a few times. I love how much confidence he has built in the water. Nate is off on Fridays, so he is taking him this afternoon.

{T H R E E} // We heard this song, This Little Light of Mine {by Steve Fee} at our church summer sports camp this past Sunday and now Mason and I can't get enough of it. We listen to it every single day! It's our new jam. It's so different from the version I grew up on. :)

{F O U R} // Nate shaved his beard! Surprised the heck out of me. He loved that thing! As soon as he did it he said he regretted it. But, look how handsome he looks...and it should be cooler for this Texas summer!

{F I V E} // Several of my blog friends have started sharing their favorite blog posts from the week and I love it. I decided to copy them! These are some of my favorite posts from my blog friends this week.

5 SIMPLE WAYS TO BE A BETTER MOM, TODAY - by Our Pretty Little Girls
Amazing post! I'm sure we can all agree that being a mom is hard, but Beth shares some simple ways that we can all become better moms! I want to be a more of a "yes" mom and save those "no's" for when they really matter.

A girl after my own font-loving heart! I can't tell you how many fonts I have downloaded to my computer. I love to find new ones to use on graphics and such.

Meghan and Noah are some of the craftiest people that I know! I love to follow along their crafting adventures. In this post Meghan shares some really fun transportation crafts that includes an adorable stoplight!

IT'S A....- by Seeing All Sides
I don't want to ruin it in case you haven't seen the post, but sweet Sarah shared with us what baby Sides #3 is going to be! So excited for her sweet family. Babies are such a blessing.

Love this DIY and can't wait to try it out! It would be great for so many different occasions! Courtney also shared some very exciting news on the blog this week so be sure to check out her other posts.

If you know me then you know bucketlists are my jam! I love to see what others plan to do for the summer!

This list of healthy items you can swap out for other items is genius! I need to start incorporating some of these into our lives!

I'm just going to leave this here. {I've seen many versions of it, but wanted to create my own.}

Also, today I wanted to join in with some of my favorite bloggers {Stephanie, Meghan, Beth, and Whitney} for rewind Friday and share our Texas Bucketlist again. It's a never-ending/always growing type of list.

I also have an announcement for ya. I'm co-hosting with some of my favorite ladies for a 4th of July link-up called #StarSpangledKids!! All you have to do is snap some pictures of your sweet littles in their red, white and blue, blog it and link-up with us! The link-up will go live on July 1st and will be opened until July 7th. Can't wait to see all of the festiveness!

That's all I've got for today! Any plans for the weekend? I hope it's a good one!


  1. If I could reach through this computer screen and hug you, I so would! You're so sweet to think of me and mention me in your post. I'm obsessed with your summer bucket list and was inspired to write my own. We're already crossing some of these things off our list so there will be an update soon.

    I'm sure you must be so prod of Mason for doing so well at his swimming lessons! Go Mason! Go! That's so awesome that he's even jumping off the diving board now! This version of This Little Light is so awesome. You're right, it's very different from the version we grew up on but I love it! And I can't believe Nate shaved his beard only because I know how my hubby is with his. Of course, if he ever shaved his completely off I'd cry. No joke!

    I love the graphic you created. Happy Fri-yay love! I hope y'all enjoy every second of your weekend!

  2. Love that idea to share your favorite posts from the week! And you're so sweet for including me. It was one of MY favorite posts this week, too!!!!! ;) Happy weekend, friend!

  3. Yay for good swim lessons! I love that you show cased other bloggers and what you loved, I actually read most of those too :) Happy weekend!

  4. I love that Mason is so excited about swim lessons. We actually took my Mason swimming last weekend for Father's Day, which was the first time in almost a year since he got his tubes last August. We weren't sure if we could take him swimming with them, but turns out if you just use ear plugs (like we do in the bath) then he's good to go. Might start swim lessons up again with that knowledge!
    I also love that you have a Texas bucket list. There is so much to do and see in Texas that that is such a fun idea! I should start that for CA because there's SO MUCH to do here that I know we haven't done yet. It's so fun to explore your own state!

  5. Dear Nate, thank you for shaving. -- Your wife's friend, Stephanie :)

  6. I read most of those posts! Great reads! Good job Mason! Have a great weekend!!

  7. Wine tasting at a pastor's house? Now that's something I can get behind you know? Hope you guys had a great time!

  8. Isn't it so weird how different they look when they just trim their beards?! Can't wait to play that song for my girls and thank you so much for including my post in your list :). SO sweet of you friend.

    Happy Sunday!

  9. First off, thank you so much for including my car crafts post in your favorite posts of the week! You are so sweet!!! And I'm loving the shaved beard... Even though Chris would consider the after a beard for him lol!

  10. Holy shaved beard!! He looks so different. Wow! Love the photos of Mason in his swim gear. Handsome little man! Hope you had a great weekend.

  11. Change is so tough for me, so that beard being gone would have been a shock! But yes, so so handsome!!!! It will be fun for summer!

  12. You are so sweet for sharing my post, I heart you big, lady :D Thanks for linking up with us for Rewind Friday too!!! I'm so excited for the Star Spangled Kids link up, outfits are all laid out and ready to go. And may I just add I'm shocked about Nate shaving lol.

  13. Mason is a little fish just like Hudson! Thank you for sharing that song...I LOVE it!


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