{Weekending // Neighbors, swimming, vacation planning, church}

Happy Monday! Has anyone noticed a pattern lately with my blog? Posts go live later and later each Monday. Story of my life. It's been so incredibly busy lately. There is not enough time in the day to get it all done. Especially when it comes to sorting and editing all of the pictures from the weekend. My camera has been glued to my hands lately and I've taken so many photos. Not a bad thing...just overwhelming.

Anyhow, we had a pretty good weekend. Friday we took Mason to see the new Ninja Turtle's movie. It was so, so good. Mason loved it almost as much as I did. ha. Those turtles are just too rad!!

Saturday morning I had a brunch with the ladies from my church. We try to get together every other month. I have been blessed to be able to attend the last two {first here} since starting at this church in January. This time we met at a member's house out in the country for brunch. The food was delicious, the views were amazing and the fellowship was awesome! Our youth minister's sweet wife led a devotion from Luke 7:36-50.

“Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

Lyndsey did wonderful with her devotion and so many women were able to add to it. Basically, we are all broken and we all have weaknesses. We need to admit those, talk about it with friends or your spouse, repent and let God reform you. We don't always have to put on the brave and happy face and answer "good" when someone asks how we are. Oh, I feel so blessed to be among some amazing ladies.

When I got home from brunch Mason was out playing with the neighbor kids and Nate was mowing the yard. I had some downtime and caught up on some shows I had stored on DVR. But, I did sneak in a few pictures of the kids playing. Averie was playing with her doll house and Mason joined her with Ninja Turtles!


My silly boy!

When Nate finished mowing we were all hungry and decided to go grab a late lunch/early supper. But, Nate's mom had texted and said they were planning vacation and making reservations so we dropped by their house first. We have all of our stops booked! SO exciting!!

Nate, Mason and I went and had an early supper at McCallister's and then went to Academy. Then back to Nate's parents to discuss vacation some more. Mason went for a quick swim first, though.


Sunday was church! And oh my word, it was amazing. I am so thankful for the call to this church.

Our preacher opened up the service with a pray for those that were affected by the Orlando shooting. And later he posted this on facebook.

This. All of this. And all of my prayers Orlando.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Loving the cowgirl boots and ninja turtles doll house style =) And amen to the last, I think I saw that on your fb earlier.

  2. That unicorn mask is too great! Sounds like a great weekend! Is that for your New Orleans trip? So exciting!

  3. I love that Mason brought his ninja turtles out to play in the doll house. Noah is really into those little figurines now too... His current faves are captain America and wolverine :). I'm so excited for your vacation and can't wait to read all about it. But I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed. I have so many photos and blog ideas and not enough time to execute them. Especially with Noah home now, I have to come up with a new routine so that I actually get some alone time... First summer with no naps!!!

  4. Such an awesome weekend friend. Where are you guys going on vacation this year?! I bet it will be awesome!

    I wish your church was closer to me, lol. I have a feeling I would love it there too.

  5. What a fun weekend. Love that Mason was using his ninja turtles in the dollhouse. Ha ha! Great pool photos. Can't wait to hear about your vacation plans.

  6. Mason is so full of personality. You can see it in the photos.

  7. I love the pictures of Mason playing with his friend!

  8. Mason with the unicorn head on--bahahaha!!!!! And I love the pool pictures that highlight his freckles! I have a face full (who am I kidding, a body full) of freckles and I always hated them as a kid...yet I love them on other kids!

  9. The dollhouse with TMNJ - ha!!! I love it. The unicorn head is HILARIOUS, and seems oh-so fitting of Mason.
    And that passage from your pastor at the end - yes!! We had a very similar sermon at Mass this weekend as well.

  10. I've been busy over here, too. I'll write posts because I want to recap things while my memory is fresh. But I am having such a hard time keeping up with my blog reading and comments. Gorgeous photos, as always! I love that Mason played dollhouse with his Ninja Turtles - too cute! And that unicorn head on Mason made me giggle. And, not sure if I mentioned this before, but Mason's freckles are the absolute cutest!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!