{Weekending // Bass Pro // Father's Day // Church Sports Camp}

Happy Monday! We had a good weekend, but it went oh so fast. I feel like I always say that the weekends fly by, but this one truly did. It was a good one, though!

Friday night we had supper with my family and then visited at their house for a while. We stayed a little later than we probably should have and Mason ended up having night terrors all night {for over 7 hours} long. It seems to happen every single time we leave my parents house. I am not sure what it is. I am thinking it's the over-stimulation from playing with his 4 boy cousins. They're loud and it's complete chaos when they're all together. That's the only thing different that I can pinpoint. I tried to tend to Mason's night terrors as much as I could because Nate had to be up super early Saturday morning for a church men's fishing trip. But, neither he or I got much sleep that night. Mason finally calmed down and rested from 6:30 am until 11:30 am. I let him sleep in because I knew he would be exhausted. I am truly grateful that he doesn't remember the night terrors the next day, because they are so tough!!

Nate left the house around 5 am on Saturday to meet the men at church. They fished from about 7 am until noon-ish. Nathan had a blast and thinks he caught a bunch of fish. He sent me this picture from the middle of the lake.

This man could spend all day fishing! He loves it. I'm not patient enough for it. I'd rather take pictures. ha.

Once Mason finally woke up we went into town. And for some reason it was so incredibly crowded. We tried to do some shopping, but it was just ridiculous. We grabbed lunch and headed home to meet Nate at the house. We decided to make a trip to Bass Pro Shop. Mason loves going there and being able to "drive" the boats and fourwheelers!

We ended the evening with supper at El Fenix, Academy and an amazing sunset.

Sunday was church and celebrating the Father's in our lives! Of course I couldn't pass up a chance to get a picture of Nate and Mason in front of my favorite doors at our church.

A little later in the afternoon we met the Halls for an early supper at Ojedas. It's a favorite among the men {including our little man} in this family.

Nate, Mason and I had to cut supper short because we had to get to our church summer sports camp! Our church hosted it at the baseball fields and playground in the town. They started off with hotdogs, chips and drinks! Then they learned their memory verse for the week.

I can do all things through Him that strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 (ESV)

Then they split up by age groups for some games of kickball! It was so fun!


Our Pastor even got out there and played with the kids!

After playing kickball and relay tag we all gathered back together for announcements, worship, raffle drawings, and even waxing of our Youth Minister's legs! Apparently that was the deal if we had over a certain amount of kids show up for camp! There's another bet on the board for next week that I think involves beards and mustaches.

That was our weekend! How was yours?


  1. Love this! I think our husbands (and boys) would get along famously!!

  2. Oh how fun! That sunset was beautiful. My Mase has night terrors when he misses his nap or stays up later too. I've found that when he is over tired he sleeps less, so weird.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about those night terrors. ugh!

    Your church sounds like the perfect place for you! I'm so glad you feel at home there.

  4. What a perfect church activity! You have found such an amazing church, I'm so happy for you friend!

  5. Ugh, hate that about the night terrors, but so glad he doesn't remember them!

    What a fun weekend! Your church sounds so fun!

  6. Mason punching that stuffed bear is hilarious. Poor guy, night terrors are scary, especially when youre a kid.

  7. How fun that your church does a summer sports camp! I bet Mason was in heaven!
    And those night terrors... no! That's terrible! I think Mason has had a couple, but he seems to be able to be consoled quickly, thank goodness, that's so tough on you!! Thankfully he doesn't remember them in the morning! I hope they stop soon!

  8. Awh the poor guy with the night terrors! It's like a hereditary thing in my family. I hate them! Glad the rest of the weekend was so good though!

  9. I know this is weird but how can Nate handle his beard being that long? You are in Texas and I'm sure it's like 1.1 million degrees already. I'm hot just looking at it!

  10. What a great weekend. So sorry about Mason's night terrors. Poor little guy and poor momma. I hope he doesn't have them again anytime soon or for that long. :( The church sports camp looks so fun. What a great event.

  11. Ojedas! Lol. Oh man if I ever get to you kneck of the woods I have to go to that place. Looks like a great weekend (besides the night terrors) I don't sleep very well either when I have had too much stimulation... like last night. I am EXHAUSTED already today :(.

  12. Your sunsets are just gorgeous! I feel so bad for Mason and you guys! Night terrors are so annoying. While I wouldn't remember them I wouldn't be surprised when my mom told me I had one because I'd usually be more tired those mornings.

  13. Dave likes to fish too and I do not. Bass Pro is a fun place to visit!

  14. Aww, poor Mason and the night terrors. I can imagine it’s rough for you but it’s good that he doesn’t remember! That picture of Mason and the bear - lol. I love it! Sounds like you guys had a pretty great weekend!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!