{Oh Hey Friday // Bike riding, baseball, haircuts and Inkdot}

Good morning and Happy Friday! I am so excited about the weekend. Last weekend was just a really good one and it left me longing and dreaming of the next. Aren't summer weekends just the best? We don't have much planned for the weekend, but I am still excited about it. Tonight we are thinking about taking Mason to the theater to see the new Ninja Turtles movie. I am kind of geeking out about it. I grew up with the Ninja Turtles because my brother was obsessed with them. And Saturday morning I have a brunch with the ladies from my church. Sunday is church! But, I am sure we are bound to pack some adventures in between those things we do have planned.

Time for Oh Hey Friday...

{O N E} // Posts from the week, in case you missed it.

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{T W O} // Bike Rides with Dad...

Mason has put quite a few miles on his bike this week with his dad! Nathan can't even get in the door from work and Mason is begging him to go for a ride. I would love to join them {and need to}, but I like for them to have that time together just them two. Some little one on one boy time. Mason and I are together 24/7 and we get plenty of quality time together. So, this gives them some time to chat and catch-up. I love it. During my down-time I have done my bible study out on the porch, picked up around the house or taken a hot bath.

{T H R E E} // So, this happened...

His freckles and facial expressions slay me.

Mason's was due for a haircut, but we couldn't talk him into going. Nate mentioned just buzzing it. It's summer and his hair grows super fast so why the heck not? Mason was on-board too, so we did it. I love the way it came out! But, he looks so much older. I'm not sure I'm a fan of that.

{F O U R} // We've also done a bit of this...

Mason is becoming quite the little slugger. Baseball wasn't his favorite when he played, but he has been enjoying it a lot lately. He loves to hit, catch and throw with his dad. I hope he develops a passion for it like the rest of his family. :) But if not, that's okay too!

{F I V E} // These prints...

When Inkdot reached out to me with free prints I couldn't say yes fast enough. I have been taking a ton of pictures lately, but haven't printed out a single one. And square prints are kind of my jam. Their site was so easy to use and navigate.

And there were so many options to grab your photos from. I uploaded many of them from IG which was perfect because they were already square for the most part.

Once you select the picture you want to use it lets you crop it to your liking. Easy peasy! I got my prints in the mail and couldn't be more excited. They turned out so great. The colors are vibrant and they are pretty clear to have been printed on a very matte paper. The prints are a 5.5 size square. Now I am trying to think of a craft I can do with them or a fun way to display them.

Any ideas?

Any plans for the weekend? I hope its a great one!


  1. I am going to check out Inkdot. I am the worst about printing pictures, too. The square prints are cute and different. Have a great weekend!

  2. Aw I think his hair looks so cute buzzed! If I had a boy I would definitely do that!

  3. Um, I like how you displayed them here! And I like how your little guy went bald! lol.

  4. The pictures (expressions) of Mason getting his hair cut are so so sweet! A fun, ordinary moment to capture!

  5. Mason's freckles are the sweetest. He's looking mighty big with that buzz cut. Not sure I'm liking that. ;)

    My father-in-law made me the perfect gift to hang my IG prints on. He purchased a brand new frame, distressed / painted it, strung jute on the back & attached little paper clips. I LOVE IT. It's in my IG if you want a peak. :)

  6. What a fun week! Mason looks so much older with his hair buzzed. What a handsome boy! And I bet he'll be an awesome ball player. Dylan played for a while then got un-interested and it broke my heart. My family is a baseball family, too! Mason's doing awesome riding his bike without training wheels! YAY!!

    I hope y'all have a fun weekend! Enjoy the TMNT movie!

  7. LOVE the way you displayed those pictures with the lights and stuff hanging. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    Mason looks so cute with his new hair cut!! He definitely looks older though and that's what I hate about my Mason getting a hair cut too. He needs one SO BAD, his head looks like a little mop, but we're not going until next Friday. I wish Seth knew how to cut his hair so we didn't have to pay (its like $20 every month because his hair grows so fast) but at the same time, I'd gladly pay for someone who knows what they're doing lol. Nate did a great job with Mason though!!

  8. Those freckles, the cutest thing in the world! So happy that he is enjoying the bike riding together. I can't wait for the same with my son! Should be soon!

  9. Mason looks so different with his short hair! A great summer cut for sure! I have made gift tags with IG prints and have put them on a canvas. I'm sure Pinterest is overflowing with fun ideas!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Aren't those prints fantastic?! So Mason would fit in PERFECTLY with us, can we borrow him for a summer friend ;). We just took the girls for an almost 3 mile bike ride. We've been doing lots of family bike riding since we are training wheel free now and it has been SO much fun. Do you have a bike? You should totally get one if not and join them!

  11. How funny, I thought he looked younger with the buzz cut! But when you said you think he looks older I can kind of see that too. And I'm totally with you on giving the boys one on one time in the evenings. When Chris gets home from work I back off and let them have their time.

  12. Mason's haircut is adorable on him! He looks so big. love the pictures of him riding his bicycle. Way to go buddy! Those inkdot photos are so fun. I love the way they were hung on a frame with wire.

  13. Those bike rides with Nathan will be a treasured memory for Mason, for sure!
    The buzz cut! He does look so much older, but it's perfect for summer.
    And those prints! Oh my gosh, yes! Love them, and love that they're square.


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