{Oh Hey Friday!}

Oh man am I behind...I chalk it up to the holidays, Nate being on Christmas shutdown, Mason is on furlough from school, and I have been working {at home Thank God!!} for two this week. I can't tell you how thankful I was for yesterday! A one day break in the middle of the week sure is nice. I slept in, had breakfast ready {from my wonderful inlaws} when I woke up, got to lounge in my pjs until almost 3:30pm and then went to visit my family. Good, I tell ya! All good.

So much to catch up on...but for now, it's oh hey Friday a link up. 

{O N E}

One day I will post about our Christmas! One day. At this point it feels so overwhelming and like soo much to get together. Pictures on my phone, pictures on my camera, lots of editing to do, lots to say etc. But, I will get there. I will say that it was amazing and one of the best yet!! I am so sad to see December go. It's one of my favorite months.

{T W O}

I'm not ready for my husband to go back to work! Christmas shutdown spoils us like crazy! He has been off since the 23rd of December and goes back on Monday. Boo Hoo! Which also means back to school for Mason. So sad! I'm going to soak up and enjoy every single second of this weekend, for sure!!! 

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{T H R E E} 

Thanks to Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me I found this amazing 2015 challenge by Kenzie at Chasing my Extraordinary. I can't wait to join in! Sounds like a fun challenge to me. Let me know if you decide to join in as well.

{F O U R}

I got the one and only thing on my Christmas list this year...a journaling bible! I am so excited to dive into this. Do you journal bible? Any tips or pictures or posts to share?

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{F I V E}

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  1. Its always sad getting back into the real world routine. Glad yal had a great Christmas. I am in love with the challenge and thanks so much for sharing it. I will be joining in. I am in love with the journaling bible I have one on my Amazon wish list. I love jotting and doodling little notes or words that stick out to me and my latest is color coding I found a thing on pinterest on how to color code it and it was very neat.

  2. I agree I hate going to work during the holidays. Glad I can work from home though :)
    Awww you three are so cute!
    I love this challenge idea, I am in. So fun! I need some good inspiration this year.
    I love journaling, although I don't feel that I am that creative to do it. Lol .. I have a journaling bible on my amazon wish list too. There are a bunch of gals on IG that I love reading and following, you probably follow them though.. @marine_parents @amylouhawthorne @valeriewieners
    I am working on the color coding too. There is pinterest and then I found one at @womenlivingwell.
    Happy Friday Friend! xo

  3. I was meaning to ask you if Nate was off for a bit, that's so cool!! Happy New Years friend!

  4. Brent went back to work today. It wasn't too bad. Monday will be a lot worse esp since we have to stick close to home bc we are potty training :/

  5. oooh! I love your journaling Bible! You'll have to let me know how you like it. Your family is precious! Hope you all have a great weekend together!

  6. We too have been spoiled by the holiday break with having all three boys home and my fiance getting almost a week off of work -- it is so hard to have them all go back! I know I am going to miss the noise and chaos that they have brought ha ha! I am so excited that you will be joining in on the 12x30 challenge! That makes my heart so happy :D That journaling Bible looks really neat! Cheers to 2015!

  7. Glad you are soaking up family time! I got a journaling Bible for Christmas, too! It's my first one but I LOVE it so far! You'll have to let me know of any good info/tips you find on them! I was reading over previous comments and saw the color coding thing...definitely need to check that out!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!