{Glorious weather in Texas calls for park dates}

We have had some glorious weather here in Texas this week!! We are soakin' it up and enjoying it while we can. It's supposed to be back to cold and rainy this weekend. Bummer! Yesterday I went to the gym early, so after I picked up Mason from school and we went straight to the park. He was ecstatic!!!

 photo HallAroundTexas-Park1_zpsa301b0e6.jpg
 photo HallAroundTexas-Park2_zps7d22c33b.jpg
 photo HallAroundTexas-Park4_zpsc0a909de.jpg
 photo HallAroundTexas-Park5_zpsb6d73023.jpg
 photo HallAroundTexas-Park6_zps1f824f64.jpg

Although everyone had the same exact idea as us, we had a blast!! We played on the tire swing, played maze runner through the maze, climbed on the huge tree, and then went across to the other side of the park for swings and slides! Then the ice cream truck came and Mason picked out a Batman! He was so excited. We don't get ice cream trucks in our neighborhood, so it's a rare treat!

I just cherish these little dates with my sweet little guy!!
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  1. What an absolutely perfect day! So glad that you were able to get outside and play to. The weather has been AMAZING here too... until today :).

  2. So fun! We've taken Cora to the park for the past several days. The weather has been amazing giving me crazy spring fever! I'm so sad our little town doesn't have any parks with swings anymore. :( If we want to take her to swings we make the trek into Denton for the good parks.

  3. I love these pictures and a, so jealous of you guys! I can not wait until all year park days!

  4. Such a perfect afternoon!
    We often see the ice cream truck by the parks we frequent, but I haven't made any purchases. I think I'll need to change that (for both Marcus and me)!

  5. So fun! I remember the ice cream truck when I was little they were always fun and definitely good treats :) We don't have them where we live now....


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!