{Christmas Eve // Christmas Day}

I will get caught up...I will get caught up....

I am sure everyone is way past Christmas and already decorating for Valentines Day by now, but I couldn't go without posting about our Christmas.

It was good.

Real good.

I didn't take many pictures and was more present this year. But I do have a few to share. Our Christmases worked out well this year and we didn't have to be at 6 different places at one time. It was so nice! 

Christmas Eve we hung out at our house for a while and then went to Nate's parents house as we do every year. Nathan's mom orders a chicken nugget tray and fruit tray from Chick-fil-A and we eat that and other snack foods. We just hang out until 7 pm when the Christmas Story marathon starts. Mason got more into it this year than ever before. Nate's mom let him open one gift, which was a Ninja Turtle pillow. He was so excited!!

 photo Eve2014_zpse2ca7bde.png

 photo HallAroundTexas-C-Eve1_zps3297a840.png
 photo HallAroundTexas-C-Eve2_zps22d14070.png
 photo HallAroundTexas-C-Eve3_zpsc47ade2f.png
 photo HallAroundTexas-C-Eve4_zps80015870.png

After the Halls we went back to get our cookies & reindeer food ready. Mason actually went to sleep pretty quick. But, not before singing Happy Birthday Jesus. I got it on camera. {It's just a black screen because we were in bed} It made me cry like a baby. I want to remember this sweet little voice for always.

Happy Birthday Jesus from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

Santa came and we caught him on camera this year. ;)

 photo HallAroundTexas-C-Eve6_zps402a0890.png  

Christmas Day we woke up a little before 8:30 to get ready for Mason to see what Santa brought. I went to the living room to get the camera ready and such while Nate woke up Mason. He had a hard time waking him up at first! Nate had to remind him a few times that Santa came. I got the cutest video of him!

 photo Day_zps4d68fbf7.png

 photo HallAroundTexas-C-Day1_zpsa778122d.png
 photo HallAroundTexas-CDay2_zpsfa2d4da7.png
 photo HallAroundTexas-CDay3_zpsce8cc552.png

After Mason opened presents at our house and played with them a bit we loaded up and went to Nate's parent's house to open more gifts. We got way too much stuff and had a way good time withe everyone! We took our annual bow on the head and had 3 more people in our pictures this year {Michelle/Ty's girlfriend, Kelli/Jordan's wife, and Diesel}.

I can't believe it's all over! I'm already looking forward to next year!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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  1. cutest little voice! And the look on his face as he came running out, priceless!

  2. Looks like you had such an amazing Christmas :) We still have ALL of our decorations up and I am not ready to put them away. My hubby asked about it on Sunday and I pretended like I didn't hear him :)

  3. what a wonderful Christmas yal had. I am loving Mason truck I need a ride lol

  4. Such a great Christmas! I never tire of Christmas posts. :)


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