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Happy Tuesday friends!! 

I was going to post this yesterday...but decided I wanted to touch a computer as less as possible yesterday. It was a holiday for Nate & Mason so they were home. It was a normal work day for me, but it was pretty slow because it was a holiday for many of our clients. We got TONS done to the house and even started a couple of projects!! We were on our feet almost all day...and it hurt so good! :) I'm on a 'purge' phase where I want to clean out and de-clutter. I started with my bathroom yesterday. Its crazy how fast a girl can accumulate beauty products!! Then we worked on the bedroom. I used birthday gift cards to get a new bedding set, curtains and nightstand covers for our room. We are loving it! Hubbs is making us a new headboard using fence planks. I can't wait to see it come together. It was a busy, but very productive Monday!

 photo FullSizeRender_zps10929424.jpg
New bedding & Diesel approves
 photo IMG_0466_zpsef58440a.jpg
Start of our headboard
But lets back track....it was such a good weekend. Friday night we went to dinner with my family to an awesome burger joint! Everyone loved what they ordered and I loved the atmosphere & decor. I wish I would have taken some pictures. 

Saturday morning we got up and ready and trucked on over to Fort Worth to meet up with The Haneys. We had a fabulous lunch on the patio at Uncle Julios. It was so nice to sit and catch up with them. Plus, I got to love on Baby T and that made my heart so happy. I barely sat down before she was climbing into my lap...LOVE! She played with my hair and my earrings and told me all about the FWSSR parade! Goodness I love that sweet girl! After lunch we went to Cabelas for some shopping! Always a good time at Cabelas. I am so so thankful I met Amanda over 4 years ago through blogging! She's one of my best friends and I love her dearly! Our hubbys love each other too, which is a bonus. We got home around 9pm {i think} and walked in to hear Mason say, "Mama where did these cupcakes come from?" My parent snuck into our house and left me cupcakes, flowers and birthday money! SO sweet!!!

 photo IMG_0463_zps74a5e7fc.jpg
 photo IMG_0464_zps8d33c85b.jpg

Oh and the Haneys brought us a tail fin from an old windmill. We hung it in our living room and we're in love with it.

 photo IMG_0407_zps49cac2fc.jpg

Sunday was my birthday. Nate worked until 9:30 am. It started as a normal day for me because I neglected housework the other days. So I had to clean, do laundry and grocery shop. The weather was nice so we go to play outside. Mason played with his neighbor friends and had a great time. That evening we went to dinner with Nate's family to Olive Garden. It was delicious and we found a new Moscato that we love! Winna winna!!!! After supper we went back to Nate's parent's house and they showered me with entirely too many gifts! It was a great time visiting with everyone and they made me feel so special! 



Amanda and I are bringing back Texas Tuesday! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Not familiar with Texas Tuesday?

What is Texas Tuesday? A chance for you to show off the awesomeness that is TEXAS!! You can blog about anything; restaurants, vacation spots, venues, concerts, your hometown, shops, fashion, sports, etc. The linkup is not limited to Texans, we just ask that the post is about Texas.

We will start it back up next Tuesday the 27th and we'd love to have you join us!!! Grab the button below!

Hall Around Texas

That was our weekend! How was yours? Do anything exciting?  

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Happy belated birthday!!

  2. Love the new bedding!! I made a pallet headboard for our house too! I love it! Its the best piece in our bedroom!!

  3. Such a fun weekend!! Yay for birthdays!!

  4. So happy you had a wonderful birthday and got to enjoy this awesome weather! :) Love how cozy Diesel looks on your bed haha Thanks for sharing about TX Tuesday also - may need to get in on that action!

  5. What a fun weekend! That fin and the headboard look great! I'll have to keep Texas Tuesday in mind for future posts!

  6. Love the windmill! And I will try to remember Texas Tuesday for next week!

  7. Happy Belated birthday, what a fun weekend!

  8. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  9. I'm excited about Texas Tuesday coming back! I hope you had great birthday! What brand moscatto did you find that you like? I really like Llano Estacado's moscatto but I have trouble finding it regularly. And now the prego lady is craving wine lol

  10. Wow that headboard is going to amazing! I love decluttering the house - it's SUCH a great feeling! Glad you had a good birthday weekend. :)

  11. Happy delated birthday! I love that you have a Texas-themed linkup. I would love to see that for North Carolina! Maybe I should look around and start one if there isn't one already!

  12. I love the bedding and the headboard! I hope your birthday was amazing!

  13. Love the new bedding set and the headboard is looking good. Happy belated birthday!

  14. Sounds like a great birthday weekend! The bed/bedding look great!

  15. Love the new bedding!!! And the headboard looks AWESOME! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  16. So glad TT is back! And where can I order a headboard?? ;) looks great!


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