{2015 // Goals // Looking forward to}

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>>> GOALS <<<

+ get healthy
+ take more pictures & videos {not with my iPhone}
+ get into a good church-going/Sunday routine
+ start bible studies with Mason
+ shop for Christmas throughout the year instead of the month of
+ go on more dates with the husband
+ pay off more debt
+ save more money
+ find a new doctor closer to home
+ get organized
+ clean out clutter
+ be more present
+ blog more 
+ get books or pictures printed
+ go on nightly walks with the dogs {when weather is nice}
+ read the Word every day
+ some minor home diys/updates 

{I'm sure this list will grow}

>>> TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2015 <<<

+ my birthday
+ the fort worth ss and rodeo {Nate's 33rd, my 19th, Mason's 5th time to go}
+ our 9 year wedding anniversary & 19th dating anniversary
+ Mason's Pre-K graduation
+ Mason starting Kindergarten
+ my best friend's wedding
+ t-ball
+ Mason turns FIVE {this one is bittersweet}

++ Maybe a baby?

Also...I am still praying about my "ONE LITTLE WORD" for 2015. Do you have one? Share, I'd love to read about it.

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  1. A lot of exciting stuff coming up this year! Good luck with all your goals :)

  2. What a big year! So exciting! I am planning on cleaning out clutter. We've already started and it feels good!

  3. Sounds like an exciting year ahead! We're working on some saving goals too. Happy {belated} New Year!

  4. And maybe a baby sounds like a fun look forward to! Pay off debt though, that is a good one. That is on our list. Student loans are a beast. We paid off one last year. And hope to pay off another one this year. They sure put a cramp in the funds. Cant wait to be rid of them.

  5. Awww! I love that we get to see all of the big events on here! I hope this year is all that you want it to be!

  6. I love the goals that you set for yourself this year! We are working hard to pay off our debt, too.

    A 5 year old?! Oh my word. Time flies. And a baby?? That's a fun goal. ;)

  7. Great Goals! I can't believe Mason will be 5 :( Yes for a baby.. :)
    I haven't figured out my One Little Word either, I have several that I need to choose from but that "one" hasn't popped out at me yet.. :)
    Happy Thursday friend - - xo

  8. Your goals are very similar to mine! I probably have about 75% of yours on my list too.
    So bittersweet with Mason turning 5! I was just thinking about my Mason turning 3 and almost started to tear up a little. Oy. I can't handle my baby growing up! Also... baby??? Tell me more :) Oh and yes!!! I think you should. Mason would be the BEST big brother!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!