{Weekend WrapUp}

Happy Monday!

Goodness we had a wonderful weekend!!

Friday Nate and I had a date night. Nate's parents kept Mason while we went to a movie and to dinner. We saw Lone Survivor. It was amazing! Definitely one of those movies that rock you to your very core and get the tears flowing, but also a must-see! I didn't take any pictures Friday night because we were just too busy being in the moment and enjoying each others company! After dinner we went home to hang out with this little dude.

 Saturday was the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. I will be posting about that tomorrow for Texas Tuesday! By the way, you should totally link up with us. Your post can be about anything to do with Texas.

Sunday Nate's parents kept Mason again for a couple hours so that we could get out and grocery shop. The weather was cold and rainy and we didn't want to have Mason out in it. Plus, we knew the grocery store was going to be insane because of the Super Bowl. And it was. Thankfully I had Nathan there to help me. 

After the grocery store we picked up our little guy and headed home to get some housework done! We also had some very exciting company! My sister, brother in law and new nephew came over!! We were so excited to see them. 

That afternoon Nate and I made nacho stuff to take over to his parents house. They made all kinds of super bowl foods as well. We watched the game there and hung out in our pajamas. Relaxing and nice!

 That was our weekend! Now it's Monday....joy! 

My silly boy this am...


  1. Goodness, I miss stock shows!! I haven't been to Fort Worth (the show, not the town;) since high school.

  2. A perfect weekend!! Love the photos!!! :)


  3. Glad y'all had fun. To bad my phone died and we couldn't meet up

  4. Such a cute baby! I love that he has on a little dress shirt!! Adorable!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!