{So....we've moved Pre-Schools}

This post has been coming...I just wanted to give it a few days before I wrote about it. My true feelings and concerns and not sound like I am bashing Mason's previous school.  This is going to be long...

We moved Pre-schools.


We grew out of our current school and it was just time.

There were so many things not setting right in my Mama soul and I was dealing with major guilt. Since working at home it has become harder and harder to take Mason to school. I had so much guilt that it was making me sick! Especially since I was taking him to a place where he was bored and a place he no longer enjoyed.  He would whine and cry in the mornings, wouldn't want to get ready, and then say a couple times on the way to school "I don't wanna go to school. I don't like my school". And it hurt. Oh it hurt so bad. Even though I work at home, I do have a job to do. I have emails to answer and clients to talk to - normal work hours. But still, I want my baby home with me.

When we'd get to school he would cling to me for dear life and cry when I had to leave. Mornings at this place are crazy and chaotic...and there were not enough teachers with all of the kids. Pure and simple. I saw so many things that happened in there, it's unreal. But I will leave those out. Anyhow, I'd stay with Mason until the very last second that I could and then most days I would have to leave with him crying.

That tore my heart apart!

So many times I wanted to turn my car around and go back and get him! Then I'd worry and be in a funk all day just thinking about him and hoping he wasn't miserable. I also go to where I'd  keep him hope 2, some times 3 times a week. It was just too hard to get up and get him ready and take him. I didn't have it in me to see him sad. Honestly, I'd make excuses just to keep him home with me.

So, what were the things that were bothering me?

One of the majors was that no matter what time you'd go to pick Mason up his class would be sitting on a rug watching tv. All.the.time. Nate's mom and brother noticed this too when they'd pick him up. And we all pick up at different times. That's not okay with me. That's something Mason can do at home (and I'd save a lot of money, but that's beside the point). 

Another thing...there were 20-23 three year olds...in ONE class on most days. That's a huge class. And anyone that has a three year old will understand my reservations about this. It doesn't allow much, if any, one on one interaction. Instead, it's like herding cats all day. I mean, can you imagine? I know this is not on the teachers, they are doing their job and the best they can.  But I think the school could manage this a little better. And could definitely use better organization.

(all of this because more clear after moving to a new school...but that's to come later)

Then there was the color changing thing. Mason was rarely on green (best behavior) ever. And then he'd tell me how he went to time-out. And when I'd ask why he'd say because he was talking. And most times he would say I don't know. And Mason is pretty honest, so if he knew he would tell me. Again, there are 20-23 three year olds in one room...of course they're gonna talk. 

I also didn't like how recess was used against them and taken from them if they were rowdy. (again, 20-23 three year olds in one room, hello!) I have 1 three year old and I KNOW!! To me, that just says they need to get out and run off some of that energy. Not have it taken away!

Also, little comments were made to me here and there. But I will leave them out. But they bothered me and I can't get them out of my head.

Oh, another thing...most of the kids get there between 6:00-7:00 am and they sit in that cafeteria until 7:40-8:00am. That's a long time. And they expect them to sit on a 12x10 (maybe) rug and not talk. They're also not allowed to play with their toys. So they start playing with each other...and yep, that's forbidden as well. It's just a lot to expect out of a child. Especially a preschooler!

Another biggie....the kids sit in the cafeteria in the mornings from the time they get there until the time they go to class (after 7:30 and the school opens at 6am). They're not allowed to bring toys...not allowed to play with each other...they expect them to sit on an old rug and watch a movie. 

Then there's...

- the security (or lack there of)
- the menu
- the constant changing of things

Just lots and lots of little things that were adding up. I know what you're thinking, why in the world did you put him in that school in the first place? It hasn't always been that way. He started there when he was 13 months old. It served us well. But people grow, things change and there comes a time when it's time to move on. That's where we are.

So how and why Fire House Kids?

It's been on my mind for over a year now. I would bring it up to Nate from time to time, but that's as far as it went. Until a couple weeks ago. I brought it up again and Nate asked me to look into it. So I scoured their website and their Facebook. And then my heart was filled with so much goodness and it felt right. All of the wonderful comments on their Facebook page told a lot about their school. So I called and got more information and we planned to go and tour it that Friday. 

We talked to Mason about it several times and he was excited. We wanted to make sure he understood that meant new teachers, new friends and a new school. He was excited! 

So Friday we started our day. We had many errands to run before our tour of Fire House Kids. One of them was a haircut for Mason. They put him in the Fire Truck seat. Cool. Then we were heading in the direction of Academy and made a spontaneous decision to eat at Fire House Subs. Mason's meal came with a Fireman's helmet.  As we sat down to eat Nate joked and said, I guess it's a Fireman/station themed day. 

I said, maybe those are signs from God?

We finished up our errands and headed to Fire House Kids. We got a great feeling from the minute we walked in the door. We toured the school, met the three year old teachers, and got all of the information we needed. We got in the car and talked to Mason about it and he was ready to go there! So I called the director and let her know we'd be starting on Monday!! Mason was excited. We are on day 4 and he is still loving it. He adores his teacher, too! Actually, he tells me that he LOVES her! ha.

Here is what I am loving about FHK - some are small things, some are big things.

- First of all, the people! Everyone is so nice and kind.
- You have to have a code to get in the doors, the desk/office is a good ways back from the front doors, and Mason's class is far from the entrance!
- No more writing checks. They have a card machine! Whoop whoop!
- No sitting in cafeteria until class time. The cafe is designated for eating only. Once kids finish they are allowed to go up stairs in designated areas (with adult supervision) to play until all of the teachers have arrived.
- Smaller classes. Mason is now in a class of 12 or less kids. I think he made 10 or 11. They break up the three year olds into 3 different classrooms!
- They have 'themed' days - backwards day, crazy sock day, pajama day, show & tell, etc.
- When it's raining or cold they have a gym where the kids can go and run off some energy. They're not confined to their classrooms watching movies.
- They don't even have tvs in their room!
- They serve actual meals in the morning, not just cereal.
- When he turns four he gets to go on field trips. And I can volunteer to go and help!
- His teacher actually engages with him. Asks him questions about his evening, what he had for supper, etc.
- They let the kids be kids.
- They're on a computer system for checking in/out.
- They have recess 2, sometimes 3 times a day.
- Mason is actually learning new things already. They're on the same curriculum as the other school and he'd come home and not be able to tell us what the papers were about. He can tell you everything about his assignments at the new school!

- He's happy....we're happy....life is good! Change is good.

The afternoon director sent me this picture of him on his first day along with a video that said, "Mommy I am having fun."


  1. Wow his new school sounds amazing!! That's awesome that he got to change to a better one and hopefully that will help you to feel better about it.

  2. So glad that you found a new school for him! Reading what you said about his first school made me cringe inside! Making these decisions is so tough and it sounds like you made a great decision for everyone!

  3. So happy for y'all! Glad you made the change and feel good about daycare again!

  4. That first school sounds Awful!! I understand that structure and boundaries are needed but they're kids, moving and talking is what they do and how they learn! I'm so glad you were able to find a better suited school!

  5. As someone who works at an afterschool program, has worked with pre-school age children for years and a Momma who helps pre-schools get certified by the state I can't with all the things you said about the first school. But I am glad you have found something better.

  6. I am so glad that Mase loves his new school and that you and Nate feel comfy with it too. That's at the point that D and I are at also. We're ready to transition T to a daycare/preschool type environment instead of in home daycare we've been using.

  7. It sounds like you absolutely made the right decision to move him! I worked in daycare all through college and I worked in one similar to what you described for a year. I'd guess that you're right when you said it's not the teachers. That sounds very much like an owner problem. When classes get that big and you don't have extra teachers to manage all those kids TV is the only way to attempt classroom management. I'm glad the new place is working out for Yall! It sounds great!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!