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Happy Friday Friends!!

{O N E}

I had the 2nd part of my root canal done this past Tuesday. Blah! Nathan had a really good time making fun of me that evening for not being able to feel my face. He begged to me to let him record me. Ha, not a chance. I was sore on Wednesday, but not bad. Then bam...Wednesday night it started hurting bad and interrupted my sleep. But not enough to make me get out of my warm cozy bed to take medicine! ha

{T W O}

The whole dfw got snow yesterday except for us! It skirted around Waxahachie. I saw a few flakes, but that was it. So sad! I really wanted Mason to be able to see it and play in it. Bummer. But, on a positive note...I am so thankful that I work from home and didn't have to drive in the mess.

Watching for snow

{T H R E E}

We don't have a thing planned for this weekend and I am looking forward to it! I want to just hang out with my guys and have a low-key weekend. Usually I am one that likes to be on the go, but lately I have been perfectly content with just being a homebody! I think we are going to the grocery store tonight to see if it's any less crowded than on Sunday when I usually go. Exciting, I know.

{F O U R}

Every morning when we get to school we send Daddy a bunch of pictures through snapchat and Daddy sends pictures back. It's become part of our morning. Daddy goes to work really early and doesn't get to see Mason before he leaves, so we send pictures. They get so silly and it cracks me up! I had to screenshot them!

{F I V E}

Ashley @ Words about Waverly and Jess @ Sadie Sky Boutique started a weekly link up called It's the Little Things and it's amazing! I have been blessed by so many of the posts that have been linked up. You can find week 1 here and week 2 here.

Sadie Sky Boutique


  1. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the link-up!!!! And the snap chats, too sweet!!!!!! Happy weekend!


  3. I love the snapchat idea! Johns cousin was over the other day using snapchat and I thought I was so old because I couldn't think of a single reason I'd use it. Now I feel much hipper! lol

  4. Joining you from the link up!! Love the snap chats... we do that a lot here as well when daddy has to be gone. your little man is sure cute. happy friday and glad to be a new follower! :)


  5. Don't you hate going grocery shopping on Sundays? It's always a disaster, but I never learn!

  6. I seriously never want to leave the house these days! I have become a hermit. Maybe when the weather gets nicer I will have more motivation to leave the house! Haha

  7. I hope you enjoyed your low key weekend =)

    Love the silly shots!

  8. What an interesting week for you! There seems to be a lot of things happening around you all at the same time – from your root canal, to your family’s bonding moment. I hope most of your days are this good, except for the root canal procedure. Speaking of which, how did it go?

    Billie @ PeakFamilyDentistryLLC.com

  9. It’s better to be numb than sore and hurting. Though I guess your pain was bearable, since you didn’t have to get up and take the tea medicine. It seems you've recuperated well too, seeing as how uneventful but great your weekend was. I hope your teeth and gums are in better shape now. Have a nice day!

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry

  10. It’s been almost a year since your root canal. I hope you were able to recover from it soon after. Though you’ve got to keep in mind that root canal teeth are capable of harboring chronic infections when proper care is neglected. Take care of your teeth, so you wouldn’t have to risk another major dental procedure in the future. Good day!

    Joel Haynes @ Herrin Pediatric Dentistry


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