{Five on Friday // New Hair // Gearing up for the Rodeo}

Happy Friday!!!

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{ O N E }

I got new hairs this week! I found a picture on Pinterest and wanted it!! I usually keep my hair close to it's natural color in the Fall and add the blonde in during the Summer. I went blonde a little earlier this year. I love it. Hubby Loves it. Mason loves it. Winna winna chicken dinna. :))

  { T W O }

While Mason and I were at my hair apt Nathan was home alone. And he was so bored out of his mind that he did nothing but eat junk food. This makes me laugh because it's so not like him. He had 2 bowls of ramen noodles, a bowl of cereal (with two cups of sugar), chips, a package of zebra cakes and who knows what else. He fell asleep in 10 seconds flat that night. I told him it was from the junk food coma! ha. 

{ T H R E E }

Texas weather is so bi-polar. We were in the seventies over the weekend and now we're back into the 30s-40s this week. This morning on may to take Mason to school it was 17. S E V E N T E E N. Too cold for this Texan. I'm ready for Spring and patio weather! My boys and I need to get out and play!!

{ F O U R }

So, I got a new blog design this week!! And? I'm in love with it. Aimee at Dear Harper is the skills behind the new design. Y'all, if you're looking for a new blog design she's your gal! Seriously! She was so sweet, quick and easy to work with. Everything I asked for? She nailed!


{ F I V E }

Tomorrow we are heading to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. This is a tradition for the Hall family. This will be Nathan's 32nd time, my 18th, and Mason's 4th. I am so excited! I love it, I really do. And this year we have the best seats that we've ever had. Right above the chutes. It should be a good time!  I love dressing Mason up for the Rodeo! Below is a picture of the last three years.



  1. #2 cracks me up!! Junk food coma FOR SURE!! And 17? That's crazy! We're in the 70s today!!

  2. Loveeeee the blog design (and your new hairs)! Also, I don't think I realized before that you're in Texas! We're an hour north of Ft. Worth! We were all set to head to the stock show on Wednesday but something came up last minute so we're going down next week instead! Sadie is going to flip over all of te animals...can't wait to take her! We're going to soak up this 75 degree day before the freezing temps/snow hit next week. TX weather is DEFINITELY bipolar!


  3. you are soooo pretty! I love your new hair.

    The same day I saw you post your new look, I bought a pre made one on etsy. and Im BEYOND frustrated because she hasnt installed (which I paid for) and its been over a week with no communication. If I can get a refund im def going to try out your lady! I LOVE YOUR LOOK.


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