{Weekend Wrap Up/My Birthday}

Happy Monday, friends!!

We had a great weekend. It almost continues through today. Almost. My boys are off, but I have to work. But hey, if I have to work at least it's at home!!! {So so thankful for this opportunity}

Friday my boys took me to Ulta and let me go in by myself for however long I wanted!! I am pretty sure I heard angels singing!!! It was greatness. I went to get my full free size Calvin Klein mascara....butletsbehonest....I knew I'd find a few other things I just needed! ha! And I did. I got quite the haul. Oh, I almost forgot...this was after I got to go to Target all by myself earlier that day! I got makeup there too. I found some great contouring tutorials on Pinterest and needed the makeup to try it out.

That evening we ate dinner at Taco Bell. It's what Mason wanted, so we obliged. And I have to tell a funny story. An embarrassing one, actually.

...we were sitting in a booth and I went to get out to get something and busted my butt! I fell flat on my butt. In my defense, I thought the booth was longer and I was sliding out to get from behind the table...but yeah, it wasn't.

Mason held in his laugh as long as he could and Mason said, "Mama, you shouldn't do that" and "You should tell them you spilled your food all over the floor, but it was an accident". And then Nate made fun of me for being "old" since it was just a day before my birthday!

That evening we visited my parents for a bit and then came home to relax and hang out.

Saturday morning we saw a picture on Instagram that someone posted of a Chick Fil A breakfast and we hopped straight out of bed to head to ours! It looked delicious and we were hungry! Mason and I went in our pajamas! We came back home and ate and then hung out for the rest of the afternoon. I organized all of my makeup {new and old} and my boys played outside.

Early that evening my inlaws took us to Babes for supper. It was delicious and of course the company was awesome. At one point the Hokey Pokey came on and Mason hopped out of his chair. Our waitress could tell that he wanted to dance so she invited him to dance with her. He was so excited! And he got up there and did the Hokey Pokey in front of the whole restaurant. It was awesome!! And this Mama was so proud of him. Me makes my heart soar!

That evening we visited my parents again and then back home. It was a good birthday.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. This was my favorite day. We went to lunch at El Fenix and then to Tractor Supply. Then we headed home to play outside. And that we did! We took the Trail Wagon over to the pasture and we were outside for most of the day. The weather was absolutely perfect! Just me and my boys out in the big wide open. LOVE!

We found a neat little area....circled in trees with green grass {almost everywhere is brown and dead}. It's the coolest! The boys want to put some kind of {adult sized} clubhouse out there. I wouldn't mind it either.

How was your weekend? What did you do?

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  1. I love that they "let" you go into Ulta by yourself! My dad stays in the car when my mom goes inside too!! ;)

  2. Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend! I hope you had a fantastic day!

  3. Happy Birthday! Perfect day! I am new to your Blog, Love it! I am also Mama to (my) Mason♥. Love it! Glad I found you!

  4. Perfect Birthday! Glad you had a great one! Love love your pictures! xo

  5. Happy birthday!!!! What a fabulous day, I just love your little family. If only we had chick fil a here ugh


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