{Welcome home, Trent}

Happy Monday, friends!!

What a weekend we had!! I couldn't say anything until now {for obvious safety reasons}, but one of our best friends came home from a 197 day deployment!!!! Nathan and Trent have been friends since they were like four. And his wife is one of my best friends. Anyhow, he arrived this past Sunday morning and Krista surprised him by having her parents, his mom & sister and her fiance and us there to welcome him home. 

This is our 2nd time to be there for a return from deployment. You can read about our first time, here. Due to some complications at the gate check in, we missed them landing the first time. This time we were there for the whole thing. To sum it up into one word - amazing!!!

Their flight was scheduled for 2:20 in the morning. So we slept a couple hours, woke up and hung out at the Air Force Base a few hours, and then back to sleep for a few hours. It was crazy, but worth every single second.

We all hung out and waited in one of the hangars there on base. There were so many little kids and my heart was so full knowing they would all soon be reunited with their loved ones. They had the Cars movie playing for the kids and they had a huge table setup with drinks, granola/breakfast bars, fruit and pop tarts.

And the anticipation of seeing Trent and seeing him re-united with his family was most overwhelming {in the best way}. Could you imagine? After 197 days of not seeing or touching? Skype and Facetime are great, but it's just not the same.

I think he finally walked in around 2:30ish...and...well...just look at the pictures!!!

So sweet. So perfect. So Awesome.

Pure happiness!
Trent, thank you for all that you do!


  1. This is so sweet, it melts my heart! Love the red, white & blue!

  2. Talk about goosebumps and a HUGE lump in my throat!! Thank you for everything you do, Trent!

  3. SO precious! Made me tear up. :) PS I absolutely love your new design!

  4. this brings tears to my eyes I am so thankful and appreciative for people like him and his family

  5. Omg I'm totally tearing up! How special to be a part of that moment.

  6. AAAAANNNNNDDDDD, I'm crying!
    What a beautiful family!
    Wonderful photos!

  7. So precious. What adorable photos to remember this special day!

  8. So Awesome! Tears in my eyes! Great photos!

  9. LUMP! These pictures are priceless! Thank you for serving Trent and welcome home!

  10. So excited that you got to take part in this special day! Welcoming my brother and his Army buddies home was always the best and longest days!

  11. Tears in my eyes! This is so perfect! So glad that you got to be a part of it! Welcome home to your friend! So grateful to all of our Soldiers & their families.


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