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I am so behind on blogging! It was Christmas, and then I was covering for a co-worker the week after which meant double the work and then I started this week off with a root canal! Busy, I tell you! I can't wait to get caught up and start blogging regularly again. I'm also feeling the urge for a new blog design. New Year, New Blog Design?


I mentioned above a root canal...yeah...so that happened! The actual procedure itself wasn't bad {things to those wonderful shots} but I've been in pain since! My whole left side of my mouth is sore. My gums, my cheek, my teeth. Ouch! And I have a really high tolerance for pain. It's better than a toothache, for sure...but the soreness is painful too! They started the root canal at 3:00 and I was done by 5:00. It was pretty entertaining that evening because I couldn't feel my face or my lip. I had to drink out of a straw and even that was pretty hard. Nate got a good laugh out of it. He tried to video me, but I wouldn't let him. I woke up after midnight and my face/lip was still numb! ha

On the way to the dentist


So, Nate, his brother and I saw George yesterday! {no pictures because I am writing/scheduling this post on Wednesday} I am sure that we had a fabulous time and I can't wait to post about it here.


I haven't introduce my new nephew here yet. Blog friends, meet my precious nephew Hunter Cole. He was born 12/27 weighing 9lbs 13oz and 22 1/2 inches long! He is such a sweet and good baby. We just adore him!!!! And yes, he is definitely not helping with my serious case of baby fever!!!


Nate went back to work this Monday and Mason went back to school. And? I don't like it! I loved being able to walk into the living room and kiss them any time I wanted! I miss them like crazy and it's weird being home without them. But, on the other hand it's kind of nice to have a routine again. Mason did really well on Monday. He almost acted like he was ready to go back. Tuesday we had a little trouble...but thankfully that only lasted about 10 minutes. And today {wednesday} he did great again! I just love this boy so much. He's growing and talking more like an adult everyday. He uses words like 'actually' and 'practically' and such now. We like to take silly pictures in the morning in the cafeteria at his school...

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  1. Oh hunter cole you are beautiful!!!
    Sorry sbout your root canal, I had one right after the wedding and it def wasn't fun! That's literally the only dental work I've had done and I may need another one? Ahh.

    Andddd....so happy to hear mason (and his cute face) went to school happily, it was a struggle for us! Although she was still getting over her tonsils.

  2. I just LOVE Mason's expressions!

  3. I just LOVE Mason's expressions!

  4. I've had a root canal it was NOT FUN! I feel your pain!

  5. That little nephew of yours is precious and what a great birthday he has!!!! It is a stinky time to have your birthday though.

  6. Looking good, mama! Mason is cute as ever, happy weekend!!

  7. Damn I wish I looked as beautiful as you going to the dentist! Or going anywhere!

  8. I totally know what you mean with a new year new blog design I am in the process of changing mine and changing from blog to .com It will be around March once everything is done.
    You sure look beautiful so even with a root canal atleast you have that going on for ya
    HOw precious is that nephew
    Mason is getting so big

  9. I love the little faces he makes! I'm sure he is quite the Mr. Personality! :) That baby is so adorable!! C is only 3 months old but I already miss the newborn baby she was! I want another, stat! (I'm crazy, I know!)


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