{Weekend Wrap-up - Blast Ball, Playdate and hanging out at home}

//on the way to Blast Ball
//throwing the ball to first base
//little slugger
//playing outside on Saturday
//playdate with the Rochelle's
//trying on Tanner's costume
//pancakes on Sunday morning
//bubbles outside
//fresh outta bed

Our weekend was so low key and I love it! Usually we are go-go-go on the weekends and that's how I prefer it. But this weekend we spent a lot of time at home and I didn't hate it one bit. I actually enjoyed it. Friday night we met my parents and brother and sister and their families for dinner, then we swung by Target and home for the evening. Saturday Mason had a Blast Ball game, then we went to Lowes for supplies for my desk for my in-home office, had lunch and went back home. We worked on the desk all afternoon until the storm rolled in. Then we all went in to relax for a while. That evening we took dinner over to the Rochelle's house and had a playdate. Sunday we were lazy, but productive around the house. Nate finished my desk and worked on yard work while I tended to the indoor chores. Around 4pm I finally made myself get out of pajamas to grab some groceries. Then it was back home to cook and get ready for the week.

How was your weekend?


  1. Love all the pictures!!! They are darling. And, I just need those sunnies! :)

    Love your new design by the way. It's adorable!!!! ♥

  2. I love those sunglasses!! Perfect for a river trip...too bad I'll have to wait 8 months for summer! WAAH! :'(

  3. That does not sound like a relaxing weekend at all! That is a busy one in my world. haha. Seriously it is still warm enough there that Nate has his shirt off? Craziness. I think our high is about 50 today.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!