{Beaver's Bend}

Our trip to Beavers Bend {or Broken Bow, rather} was pretty amazing! It was the first time in a really long time for all of Nate's family to go on a little vacation together. And the very first time for Nate's brother's fiance to go anywhere with us! I think it went well and hopefully we didn't scare her off! ha. 

We left Friday morning and go to Broken Bow around 1:00pm. It's a pretty easy trip and Mason did well. We weren't able to get into our cabin until 3pm so we killed some time by visiting Beaver's Bend State Park. We took Mason to ride the train. He was so excited. It was fun, but oh so hot. Mason wanted to sit right smack dab in the front...right behind the engine. So, we had the 100+ degree heat, plus the heat of the engine on us. I though our flip flops were going to melt onto our feet!  Luckily it was only like a 10 minute ride. ha!

 After the train ride we headed to the visitor center to get Trout stamps and fishing license. Jordan and Kelli met us there. Mason got to play in the stream for a little bit and he was excited about that. After the boys got their stamp/license we headed down to see the river. And the boys did a little craw-dad huntin'. Then we went to the Fly Shop and got bait and tackle. By that time it was after 3 and we were able to head to the cabin!

 The cabin?


We really just hung out that evening. The boys went and did a little fishing and I stayed at the cabin with Mason, and my inlaws. Mason swam and played in the hot tub. The cabin had an iphone/ipod dock that we could play both inside and outside on the deck. Pandora rocks!! That evening Mason crashed before 9. He was so tired. So, we got a game of spades going. Fun times!

The next day we all headed out for some fishing and hiking and whatnot. It was fun, but goodness it was HOT!!! And Humid as all get out.


The boys caught quite a bit of fish! We stayed out for 4.5 hours or so then headed back to the house! Mason and the inlaws got in the hot tub again {they kept it cold}. We hung out and listened to music and cooked fajitas.

Sunday we got up and the boys went fishing again and I went with my inlaws to take Mason to the park for a bit. Another hot and humid day!! 

 That evening we went to Grateful Head for some delicious pizza! None of us were disappointed. Picky McPickerston Mason even approved. We spent the evening playing spades and watching the Ranger game! Good times.

Monday we packed up and drove home.

I love little getaways...they're definitely good for the soul!

How was your Labor Day weekend?

//all pictures are from my iPhone\\


  1. What an awesome weekend! That cabin is amazing!!! Love weekends like this!

  2. That view is amazing. A few friends and I were trying to get a camping trip together. One of the girls wanted to go here and now we must after seeing your pics.

  3. What a treat!! I'm obsessed with mason in the giant cow boy boots, I just love it. I love how you added that they kept the hot tub cold, haha I thought absolutly nothing of it but I know whenever I mention my girls in hot tubs I jump to say the same thing haha.

    Fabulous photos-amazing cabin OMG!

  4. What a fun weekend! The perfect getaway if you ask me! Looks like yall had a great time and I loved seeing all the pictures of Mason!

  5. You always look so flawless! What's your secret!

    That cabin and the scenery look so beautiful. Seems like ya'll had a great time! :)

  6. Looks like such fun!! We've looked at camping up there before, it's so beautiful - we will have to make that a priority!

  7. Ah cabin? That looks more like a lodge to me! Haha looks like fun

  8. Ah cabin? That looks more like a lodge to me! Haha looks like fun


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