{Sickies - Mason}

Happy Hump Day!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I was off on Friday so posts from then on were scheduled. And then I have been just plum exhausted since Friday night. Friday {how many times can one say Friday in one paragraph?!?}  I went to the Miranda Lambert concert with my best friend {post coming soon} and we didn't get in until late and then had to be up early for Mason's Blast ball game. Then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night Mason was restless all night and didn't sleep well...which means that Mama didn't sleep well. Yawnnnn...

I took Mason to the doctor on Monday because he had a deep cough, was breathing rapid and labored and wasn't eating very well. The dr checked his ears, throat, and everything else and said that his nose was pretty impressive. It was impacted with junk and she knew right away it was a sinus infection. While she was listening to his breathing she thought she heard something in the lower part. She ordered him up an X-ray to rule out anything serious like pneumonia. I was worried about pneumonia.

Mason did the X-rays like a champ! And then she let him look at the pictures. She pointed out the heart, spine, ribs, etc. Then she said, this is a gas bubble.

He giggled and said, "That's silly...I don't drink gas, cars drink gas!"

The Dr. looked at the X-Ray and didn't see any signs of pneumonia, but was going to have the radiologist confirm that. She prescribed him a strong antibiotic for the sinus infection and we also have to do breathing treatments for his breathing! 

I'm ready for him to get better and for his normal appetite to come back!

Last night he actually slept a lot better and I feel like we both rested. I pray he is taking a good nap at school today. They have pictures today!!



  1. I hope Mason gets better soon! There's nothing like having a sick kid. It's so pitiful!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!