{First week of PreK3 - Genesis 1:!}

Mason's first week of PreK-3 went really well. He was only there 3 days of the first week due to the holiday and then he stayed home with his Daddy on Friday...but he still learned a lot.

I guess before I get into his first week I should describe his "school" a little better. Mason goes to A Christian Academy. They have PreK-3 through 3rd grade as well as daycare, and before/after school care. Mason goes year round. During the Summer it's a little more casual and they do more "play" activities. Curriculum for PreK starts with the new school year. So, for PreK-3 he didn't go to a new school, a new class or even have new teachers or peers. It's the class he's been with since he turned 3. They just began their curriculum with their A Beka Books. It is a Christian based program that incorporates the Bible into their learning. 

For the first week they learned about "Creation" from the Bible as well as their basic colors.

The Bible Verse for the first week was - 

God Created the Heavens and the Earth.
- Genesis 1:1

Mason memorized it the first day. He knew it Wednesday morning and recited it spot on during our ride to school. 

 Great first week and looking forward to the 2nd. 

{Note - Mason missed the first 2 days of week 2 due to allergies...so we will have to make up the work in the evenings}


  1. What a cutie!! Chad and I are looking into pre school now for next fall!

  2. I saw this video on youtube last night, and I couldn't help but to think of Mason!


  3. That sounds like an awesome curriculum they are such little sponges

  4. That sounds like an awesome curriculum they are such little sponges

  5. Very cool! Will he be staying there till 3rd grade....or I guess is that the plan?

  6. So happy for Mason and all that he is learning. And I am obsessed with his pictures! Too cute as always!!


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