{Five on Friday - Crazy week, sickies, MIRANDA LAMBERT}


This week has been plum crazy! Even though I only worked at the office 3 days (and 1 at home) it felt like 3 weeks. No lie. All of the crazies came out this week and made me want to pull my hair out. Although, working from home on Monday was a nice treat. I got so much cleaning and laundry done.


The reason I worked from home on Monday was because my sweet boy was sick. Sunday night he started running a random fever and his nose was a little stuffy. He also had a cough and was sneezing like crazy. I kept him home Monday and Tuesday. Monday he absolutely NO appetite. He was pretty calm and spent most of the day lying around watching TV. He played, but not his normal hyper playing. Nate stayed home with him on Tuesday to give him one more day to rest. He was pretty much back to normal on Tuesday and had more of an appetite. He still has a little cough. I think the Ragweed in our area got to him. It's making me feel icky too!


Now that I have an iPhone I never pick up my big girl camera anymore. The iPhone is just too convenient. I need to change this. My sweet boy is growing too entirely fast and I need good pictures to look back on.


Tuesday night we had the best night!! I love our little town and our little piece of land! Makes me so happy that my boy will grow up in the country and know that we have "go to town" for food, groceries, etc. I blogged the pictures from our evening ==> here.


I'm not at work today. Why? My best friend and I are heading to the M I R A N D A  L A M B E R T concert!!! I am so freakin' excited. Check my Instagram for pictures!!


  1. I grew up having to "go to town" for anything we needed. At the time, I somewhat hated it...but looking back I will do the same to my kids. Have a blast at Miranda Lambert!! So fun. :)

  2. Dang iPhones!

    Have a blast at Miranda:) so excited for you!!!

  3. So jealous abt Miranda! Dirks Bentley is my all time fav & I soooo wanted to see this show when thy come to Austin but I couldn't find anyone to go w me :(

  4. I LOVE ME SOME MIRANDA LAMBERT!! Hope you had a blast!


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