{Friday's Letters}


Dear Mason - you are growing too fast! Stop it! You were so cute this week when you ran up and tackled hugged me and said, "I'm so proud of you Mama". Makes me happy and feels like we're raising you right! PS - I love when you where your cape and run around the house saying, "I'm spiderman" {instead of superman}!!

Dear Husband - I love you! You were so sweet to buy Mason a new big foot school bus after looking for his previous one for over a week. Even if we did find the original one that same evening!

Dear Tonya -{Mason's teacher} thanks so much for your help in the mornings! You are so sweet to always divert Mason's attention and to involve him in something so that it makes it easier on both of us when I have to leave for work. You have such a kind soul and I'm so glad you are in our lives!

Dear Texas Bloggers Group - I am so happy I found all of you! Thank you for accepting this Texan into your group.

Dear cough and sneezing - I was done with you oh, say, last week....

Dear McDonalds - must your blueberry banana nut oatmeal be so good? Dang you!

Dear Cloud Croft, NM - see you and your glorious mountains on Monday!


  1. He is so sweet. What a beautiful picture.

  2. Kids do grow way to fast :(

    Thanks for sharing your post!

  3. I swear...as time goes on..time just goes faster and faster. He is So CUTE. Good work, ma friend!

    Amanda at http://weandserendipity.blogspot.com

  4. Please so tell me where you got that fabulous cape. That is adorable. That makes me giggle and just smile. I love it. This was great. & yes, dang that McDonald's oatmeal!!!! :)

  5. && check out that Scentsy warmer in the background. :) I have the same. :) We have great taste. ♥


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