{Big League Dreams}

Nathan occasionally plays softball at a place called Big League Dreams {in Mansfield}
and we love going there.
IMO it's one of the best places to take a toddler to a softball game.
They have an indoor food-court that has windows for the exterior walls. 
You can be inside and watch a game from any of the four fields.
And let me tell ya, that is nice in the 100+ degree weather.
Or if you just need to corral a toddler.
They also have a really great playground for the kids.
Last season Mason was just a little too small for it.
This year?
He rocked it!
It was so much fun to watch him just be a kid and play his heart out.
There were many other much older kids on the playground
but they didn't intimidate him one bit.
I was all balled up with pride.
Just like that.
Just watching him play.

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