I don't think any book, website, or any person could have prepared me for this wild ride!!

Yesterday {Monday, July 23rd 2012} we were playing outside after school/work and I kept thinking to myself, I love today!
We snapped tons of pictures, played in Mason's clubhouse, had great conversations and it was just a great time.


"Play in my house, Daddy!"


"Here my am"

Nate went in to prepare dinner and I was going through all the pictures I had just taken when I realized Mason got really quiet.
I hollered out to him, "Mason what are you doing?"
This is when you know he's doing something he shouldn't.
He'll normally answer with an, "Here My Am Momma" and show face..
But I could only see him peeking at me through the crack of his little playhouse door.

I opened it and what do I find?
A naked little boy {from the waist down}.
He had pooped and took it upon himself to take his shorts and diaper off all because he didn't want to stop playing long enough to go inside for a diaper change.

It was all over him...butt, legs, shorts and shirt.

We cleaned him off and marched his little self to the bath!!! 

If that doesn't depict Todderhood to a T then I don't know what does!!!


  1. hahaha boys they just never want to stop playing. Pretty sure we've had a similar incident with all of ours too. Well maybe not the littlest because he is just on his way into toddler hood but I can only imagine.

  2. Such fun pictures! I love how he was all in the house with him and everything haha :)

    Loving your cute blog!

    Oh and my GFC is being weird, but it let me follow your GFC through my twitter account, who knew you could that?! I didn't!


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