{Perfect? Lets be real...}

A sweet, sweet friend of mine told me last night that she loved reading my blog
 and seems like we have the perfect little life.
It was the kindest thing ever.
And I appreciate her saying that.

But, it got me thinking...

Our life is far from perfect, but it's perfect for us.
Nathan and I are both people that enjoy life 
and want to explore all it has to offer.
We are happy.

But are we perfect?

Lets be real...

My house is almost never cleaned.
And neither is my car. 
We eat out about 3 out of 5 nights a week.
And all weekend.
When we do cook it's usually a box meal.
My car has been wrecked since December {post here
and we just haven't saved up the time or money to have it repaired.
Mason does not get a bath every single night.
Most nights he eats either macaroni-n-cheese or a grilled cheese
because he refuses anything else 
and I refuse to let him starve. 
I give Mason prizes {mostly hot wheels} in the morning if he's on good behavior.
{Yes I am aware that I am probably creating a monster.
 But you have to choose your battles}
We have to drag Mason inside kicking and screaming every single night.
I made the mistake of talking about "boobies" in front of Mason a long time ago and now he points out every pair of "boobies" that he sees.

But you know what?
I am okay with all of that.
I will be turning my blog into a book one day and
I want to read about my sweet boy, his milestones, and
all the adventures we have together.
The memories we make.
The pictures we take.
And how Nathan and I did everything possible to try to make the best life for Mason.
To make and keep him happy.
To make him feel safe.
But most of all to make him feel loved.


  1. Too Cute! I agree no body is perfect but we are all perfect for the lives we live. :)

  2. That was a PERFECT post. And, it made me cry, really it did. I feel the same way with Dav, esp. the kicking and screaming every single night when we have to come inside because it is pitch dark and the pool is getting cold. And, the bath thing. He gets bathed in a pool or with wet wipes mostly. But, he's our boy.

    Big kudos for this one. :)


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