{He said What?! V2}

Time for round two of things Mason says!!
I do not want to forget any of this.

6/1 - While getting into the car to head to school I asked Mason if he told the Sun good morning -
"Hi Mr Golden Sun, how ya doin? Ya workin'? huh?"


While eating an afternoon snack {breadstick crackers and cheese}

Me - "Mason, you have too much cheese on there"

Mason - "Yeah, it'll make Mason sick"


While giving him a bath he saw my painted toes -

"I like your toes Mommy, they so pitty"


Saturday when we woke up - 

"Mommy is that a new shirt?"


Sunday morning when we woke up - 

"Mommy, hugs {we hug} - I like your nose" 


After having lunch with my family - 

"Mommy, I had fun with Tanner Louis"


To an employee at Academy - 

"Excuse me Mohawk guy" {yes, he did have a mohawk}


Laying down for bed one night he was playing with my hair and says -

"Mommy, you got a ponytail huh?"

{no clue how he knew it was called a ponytail!!!}


When Mason gets mad at someone or something he'll say - 

"I don't want you Daddy" or "I don't want you Mommy".

It's cute but kind of heartbreaking, too. 


Normally if you ask Mason how many tractors he has he will say "Eighty". Well, we were all in the living room of Nate's Grandpa's house in Oklahoma and someone asked Mason how many tractors he has..

His reply?

"Too many"

hahaha! He floored us all. We were expecting his "eighty" reply. We couldn't stop laughing.


Watching the Hooter's Swimsuit Competition {I know}

Mason - "I like her"
Me - "Oh? You like her?"
Mason - "No, I LOVE her"



Last night while winding down for bed {7/3}

Mason - "I'm so proud of you, Mama" and then he hugged my arm.


  1. He is too cute! I love the Mr. Mohawk! Baha

  2. How adorable! I laughed at the "Too many" and Hooter's swimsuit remarks. Kids seriously do say the darned'est things!

    I'm now following you after visiting from the Texas Bloggers FB Group! :-) Hope you'll get the chance to visit my page sometime!

    Sarah B Texas: City Girl Gone Country

  3. Stopping in to show some love to my fellow TX Blogging Buddies! I'm your newest follower!! and following all of your social media sights!! -Brittany


  4. I love these posts! I used to gave a page of these on my blog and I deleted it. I kind of miss it now with these!


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