{Mason's 2nd birthday party...a video}

Mason’s 2nd Birthday
On Saturday, May 19th we celebrated Mason’s 2nd birthday. We had a baseball themed party at our house. We cooked out and had lots of family and friends over. It went really well. Except for the fact that I did not get many pictures of the event. I was too busy running around, you know – hosting a party! So, I have made a promise to myself that next year I am going to slow down and take more pictures. More details. And more of Mason with his guests.

I made a short little video of the party.


  1. cute blog header.

    i am the WORST at remembering to take photos at my kids parties. i LOVE spending time with my family and completely forget that i want to capture the memories.

    this time around, i handed my camera to a friend. which was awesome!!!

    such a cute video.

  2. great video! lucky boy to have a mama like you!

  3. Please share with me how you put together this video!! And how do you add a short piece of a video you've taken to the video you've created? I still can't figure it out!! I love this one of his party!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!