{Mason's favorite shows}

Mason has never been into TV much. 
However lately he will watch a few different shows.
And by "watch" I mean while playing with tractors or monster trucks.

His favorites right now are:

Yo Gabba Gabba {this show is so strange to me}
Inspector Gadget

And I will admit...an episode {or two} has allowed me to cook dinner!

Oh and Thank God for DVR...for a toddler that doesn't understand when "Barney" isn't on right at the moment he needs it to be. :)

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  1. Jay's currently on a Wiggles kick, as he'll find one of his 2 DVDs and insist you put it on for him... then he'll make you watch it over and over and over... lol...

    he also enjoys Thomas the Tank Engine, Curious George, Super Why and Elmo


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