A few weekends ago {April 13-15th} we traveled to Galveston Island, TX for some good friends wedding. We stayed at the Hotel Galvez {nicest hotel on the island} and had such a great time. The hotel is also where the wedding was...so it was nice and convenient! I love little "gettaway" trips - even if they are just for a weekend. Nice to relax and hang out with the family!!

Hotel Galvez:

We got in on Friday night and basically just went to the room. Mason was already asleep and we didn't want to keep him up/out. Saturday morning we woke up and had some time before the wedding to hang out...do things. We got breakfast and then took Mason to the aquarium. He loved it, as did we. I think it's safe to say we all loved the penguins the most. They are so cute and intriguing. We spent a lot of time at this exhibit and it just so happened to be feeding time. SO fun! It was hard to get any good pictures because the glass of the aquarium was so wet & foggy!

That evening was the wedding. So incredibly beautiful!! April had a "vintage/pearls/lace" themed wedding and it was gorgeous.

Mason all ready to go downstairs!

My handsome hubby walking down the aisle -

Mason and April

Sweet Kynna - Daughter of the Bride

How cute is this?

Where Mason spent the majority of the evening

Way past all of our bedtime!! :)
 More pics from the trip...

New boardwalk!

Hotel Galvez Elevator

 Such a beautiful wedding and weekend!


  1. it looks like Mason was in HEAVEN at the aquarium (confession, we went to the SF aquarium in Feb and I was in AWE!). And you are amazing with your camera!

  2. LOVE those wedding pics!!! Love the pics of the kiddos together and your little man with the bride! SO sweet!! :)


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