{Our little Compound}

We have us a nice little compound going on in our little corner of Hachie!
Our house sits on 2 acres of land and just behind us is Nate's parent's house, which sits on a little over an acre.
Lots of room for Masonbug to roam and play!
Everyone always asks how it is living so close to my in-laws.
So, how is it?
It's fabulous, I tell you!
I love having them close by.

It's nice to know there is someone close in cases of emergency {heaven forbid}.
Or if we just need a little visit.
Or if Mason needs a quick change of atmosphere.

Speaking of Mason?
Yea, he kinda digs it too.
If Dad's not available for tractor rides then maybe Papa or Uncle T-Ty are!
And if one tractor is down, then we have a few more just a couple acres away.
All about options, right! Right!
Jake {Our miniature donkey} resides at the back of our property about equal distance from our house and my in-law's house.
He has his own nice little red house.
It's cute!
And the land next door to us has been vacant/for sale for the last {almost} 5 years.
I've been hoping and praying my parents would get it and build on.
Well...it sold a few weeks ago and they'll start building soon.
And I don't think it's my parents...
UNLESS they're holding out some big secret from us!
It will be interesting to see who our neighbors are.
Oh and a little down the road from us are cousins from Nate's Mom's side.
They have a 2 year old little girl.
I'm excited Mason will have a friend growing up close.

Compound I tell ya!

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  1. How beautiful! I wish I lived somewhere that looked like that! We don't have spaced between home here in vegas!


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