{Mother's Day 2012}

I had an amazing Mother's Day!
We woke up and went to a really nice Mother's Day brunch at a favorite diner of ours.
The food was great, the company was wonderful...but my favorite part?
Was that Mason chose to wear his cape to the brunch.

Every head turned and all I heard was "oh my gosh", "look how cute" etc.
And in that moment I felt like the proudest Mommy in the world.
Every single little thing he does fills my heart with so much joy.

After the brunch we went home where Mason proceeded to take a 4.5 hour nap.
And it was only 4.5 hours because we finally woke him up!
Growing much?
Pretty sure he woke up an inch or so taller.
Daddy charged Mason's tractor so that when he woke up he could ride it.
Pretty sure that made waking up from a good nap worth it...

We played outside until the sun went down.
Mother's Day will go down in my book as one of my favorite days.

My dearest Mason Lane,
Mommy loves you to the moon and back a million times.
Thank you for making me a Mother and for showing me an unconditional love like I've never felt before.
From the moment you starting growing in my belly I really started living.
Every little move, every kick, and even the hiccups at 3 in the morning made me come alive.
You gave me purpose. You gave me hope. You gave me love. A new kind of love.
Then you were born and one look into your eyes and my life changed forever.
You have taught me so many things in the short two years that you have been here.
But most of all you have made me a better person.
You've taught me patience, and compassion and finding joys in the simplest of things.
I apologize my sweet boy if Mommy hugs you too many times a day, or kisses you until you want to scream.
But you see..you are growing way too fast and I have to squeeze these moments in before you're 16 and want nothing to do with your Mommy.
Please, please be my sweet little boy forever.

I love you, darling.

Proof you're growing too fast?



  1. Mason in the cape has got to be the cutest thing EVER!

  2. LOVE all the pictures. seriously... that boy has it made. check out that backyard... kid heaven!


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