{Camping - First Monday - Athens}

The weekend of March 30-31 we went camping with Nate's family and some family friends.
And by camping I mean in a camper!
We were really looking forward to a weekend getaway but everything was working against us...
Not sleeping well {all 3 of us} on Friday night, rain on Saturday, Mason throwing a big fit and us having to leave Canton - First Monday after looking through 1 arbor {thankfully I was able to get my Yellow Box flops before we had to leave}, and packing up and going home Saturday night.
But? We still had a good time.
I love making little memories with my family.
Mason's big tantrum turned into a blessing in disguise!
We got to have us a nice little family day - just the three of us.
While driving back to our campsites Nate suggested visiting the Texas Fresh Water Fisheries in Athens and I thought Mason would love it.
And that he did.
He was so intrigued by all of the fish and the crazy sounds the alligators were making. Nate thought it might have been their mating call, but we are not sure. It was loud and like nothing we've never heard. I honestly did not know that an Alligator made that kind of noise, or could get that loud.
It was rainy, but thankfully the downpour didn't happen until we were almost finish looking around.

We had such a good time.
Afterwards we ended up driving around for like 2 hours to let Mason sleep.
He was extremely tired and we knew he needed the nap.
Ya do what ya gotta do!

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